NetWord Crossword Answers August 05, 2022

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Author: by Chris Gross


Overflow TEEM
Jazz genre BOP
Break of day? NAP
Woody’s singing son ARLO
It’s south of BC IDA
Toughen up INURE
Acknowledge applause TAKEABOW
Three beats of “The Blue Danube” ONEBAR
Plywood sources FIRS
Angler, at times REELER
One with a May day MOM
IV installers RNS
Left Coast state, informally CALI
Apple video editor IMOVIE
Former Chicago mayor Emanuel RAHM
“Amazing Race” network CBS
Rental agency client TENANT
19th-century prez ABE
Aqueous defense MOAT
Barbecue spoiler RAIN
Off-kilter AMISS
Tell __ (prevaricate) AFIB
Rocket trajectories ARCS
Ctr. for sea pilots NAS
Minor matter TRIFLE
AL team in the Freeway Series LAA
Sandberg in Cooperstown RYNE
Plant new grass RESEED
__ butter (moisturizer) SHEA
Oater heroine GAL
Green grass RYE
“__ his own” TOEACH
Himalayan enigma YETI
Taking the place INLIEU
Paper-saving passes ETICKETS
Some Pulitzer winners POETS
Before now AGO
Burkina __ FASO
Family nickname SIS
’80s First Son RON
Be a bellyacher CRAB


Anatomical art TAT
Important span ERA
Rockies grazer ELK
Animated bartender MOE
Naftul Bennett’s predecessor BIBINETANYAHU
Ambient appraisals ODORS
Koala quartet PAWS
Start of many a workday NINEAM
What the Grinch is “charming as” ANEEL
Capital raiser for a company PUBLICOFFER
Actress/producer Issa RAE
Stumble ERR
Sudafed alternative AFRIN
What Gershwin delegated for “Rhapsody in Blue” ORCHESTRATION
Of a bishop’s headdress MITRAL
Mark in the World Golf Hall of Fame OMEARA
“Legend of Women’s Tennis,” per “Time” MONICASELES
Some shuttles VANS
Scrape together RAISE
Posture supporters ABS
“Greatest Show” surname BAILEY
Canonized English historian STBEDE
“__ oui!” MAIS
Superhero suffix MAN
Thing of the past RELIC
Break time RECESS
It’s east of Jamaica HAITI
Starting point GETGO
Word from the wise TIP
Donator of Lennon’s childhood home ONO
What concludes a date YEAR
It makes bucks from buckets KFC
Mr. Potato Head piece EAR
Screening grp. TSA
Sniffly sound SOB
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