NetWord Crossword Answers February 27, 2023

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Author: by Doug Peterson


Cat’s toenail CLAW
Stomach muscles, informally ABS
Specialized vocabulary LINGO
Inheritance recipients HEIRS
Attorney’s expertise LAW
Perfect example IDEAL
Traditional Arctic dome home IGLOO
__ in a million (rare) ONE
Surface for a chess game BOARD
Fake diamonds, pearls, etc. COSTUMEJEWELRY
Inventor Whitney ELI
Milky-white gemstone OPAL
Do tailoring SEW
Rested on a chair SAT
Mexican nap SIESTA
Bed for a baby CRIB
New York baseball team METS
Nicknames for grandmas NANAS
Fake stadium turf ARTIFICIALGRASS
State-run number-picking game LOTTO
Neither __ nor there HERE
Location SITE
Appliances next to washers DRYERS
Sound system booster AMP
Allow LET
Pegs in a golf bag TEES
Tool for rowing OAR
Fake locks atop a head HAIREXTENSIONS
Any literary category GENRE
2,000 pounds TON
Screen on a sports bar wall TVSET
Creme-filled cookies OREOS
Fishing pole ROD
Tortilla chip dip SALSA
Small cities TOWNS
Paid pages in a magazine ADS
Misplaced LOST


Very stylish CHIC
Brand of toy blocks LEGO
Feels unwell AILS
Composed, as an email WROTE
__ vera gel ALOE
Country music stringed instrument BANJO
Clean with a broom SWEEP
Defaming in print LIBELING
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Not far away NEAR
Golfer Player or cartoonist Larson GARY
__ Glory (American flag) OLD
Human beings SOULS
Southeast Florida city MIAMI
Used to be WAS
Burn with hot water SCALD
Mistake ERROR
Clever and funny WITTY
Computer expert, for short TECH
Servings of corn EARS
Slow-moving creature in a shell SNAIL
Eat a sample of TASTE
Any item of value ASSET
Mosquito attack BITE
Make a knot in TIE
__ Lee cakes SARA
Military stronghold FORTRESS
Yellow citrus fruit LEMON
Observe SEE
Personal histories PASTS
Something optional EXTRA
Arose from one’s chair STOOD
Business competitor RIVAL
Military medal recipient HERO
All over again ANEW
Waffle __ (kitchen appliance) IRON
Conclusions ENDS
Capital of Norway OSLO
The Loch __ monster NESS
Bit of data STAT
Obtained GOT
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