NetWord Crossword Answers January 07, 2022

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Author: by S.N.


Wide mouths MAWS
Fortitude, so to speak GUTS
Five Pillars belief ISLAM
Vocal showcase ARIA
”Flight” starter AERO
Micronesian nation NAURU
Metallic IDs DOGTAGS
Speculations GUESSES
Ending like -oid INE
GPS reading NNW
17 Across, continued THINGTHINKTHICK
Man, in Milan UOMO
Aegean island SAMOS
All, at first OMNI
Alphabetic trio NOP
Arborist’s woe ROT
”You stink!” BOO
Frozen fruit-flavored treat ICES
Host mail or email RSVPS
Director’s decisions CUTS
17 Across, continued CHICKCHECKCHEEK
Music box AMP
Tap choice IPA
”We gotta go” ITSLATE
Patch plaster SPACKLE
Do not exist ARENT
Disk-shaped snack OREO
Abbey area APSE
Heats up in a hurry NUKES
Amalgamates WEDS
Web presence SITE


”Designate a Driver” org. MADD
Buck ender AROO
Star of the ”Ghostbusters” remake WIIG
__ ”Sonny” Corleone SANTINO
Small conveniences GADGETS
Auto reversals UEYS
Quarter of dodeca- TRI
Performance done in bars SONG
Key concept in criminal law INTENT
”Oh yeah?” SAYSWHO
San __ Obispo, CA LUIS
”Rule, Britannia!” composer ARNE
Vessels in bars MUGS
Circle of friends GANG
Sticky residues GUNKS
Long blouse TUNIC
Bootlegger’s product HOOCH
NASCAR Hall of Fame designer IMPEI
Unduly cruel HARSH
Chess player’s ”It’s my turn” IMOVE
Potentially objectionable NOTPC
Saturate (with) IMBUE
Grand fraction CNOTE
Stand at a fair KIOSK
Triangle descriptor SCALENE
What 46 Down suggest you save RCPTS
Certain resort teachers SKIPROS
Does a Cuban dance CHACHAS
Disappearing department stores KMARTS
Many paid preparers CPAS
Offer to assist ICAN
Dig for SEEK
Instructional website EHOW
Open slot SEED
Foreign Legion hat KEPI
Out of concern that LEST
Sporting weapon EPEE
Poor Richard preposition ERE
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