NetWord Crossword Answers January 08, 2022

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Author: by Matthew Sewell


Perfect vision IDEAL
Pre-Columbian corn beer brewer INCA
Drapery sample SARI
Accordion cover material NACRE
Supernova by-products NEUTRINOS
With the group ALONG
Fictional foe of Richelieu DARTAGNAN
Topic in the history ”Amber, Gold & Black” PALEALE
Well fixed INERT
CancÃ%BAn kin TIO
The first baba ghanoush preparers LEBANESE
Start taking things seriously GETITTOGETHER
Colonial Williamsburg roles SMITHS
Oppressed, with ”upon” TROD
Penn, e.g. IVY
It’s bound to confound POSER
Express BID
Snowmelt collector BASIN
Catcher of many intruders at 10 Downing Street (1973-86) CAT
Action __ ITEM
Word on many South Carolina picture postcards MYRTLE
Means without constraint ABSOLUTEPOWER
End of many an art movement ISM
Group sold as a set SUITE
Good reception WELCOME
One in a cast with a cause ACTORVIST
With feathers, as an arrow VANED
Convincing PLAUSIBLE
Option used by 94% of US individuals for 2020 EFILE
Mined material SALT
Catorce de febrero sentimiento AMOR
Results of rifts SECTS


Ill-fitting? INAPT
Big name in Buddhism DALAI
Foresters, for instance ECOLOGISTS
Eton-educated composer ARNE
Grisham creations LEGALTHRILLERS
Having overcharged? INDEBT
Presenter of Horace Mann Awards NEA
Scoundrel CUR
@__ (Twitter handle promoting connections) ATT
Small seal SIGNET
Second-in-line to the Windsor throne, c. 1955 ANNE
Betray boisterousness ROAR
”It __ just one of your holiday games” (Eliot on naming cats) ISNT
Uncouth, metaphorically RAISEDBYWOLVES
Friendship rings of a sort LEIS
Not steadily ATTIMES
__-Pas-de-Calais (region close to Dover) NORD
Snoot’s surplus EGO
When many celebrate Canada Day ETE
Over the top HISTRIONIC
Really bad EVIL
Name related to Reginald RYNE
International org. with an Ambassadog SPCA
Old Testament kingdom MOAB
Bug-catching period BETA
Word often elided in headlines ARE
Wall calendar abbr. TUE
Artistic expression MODE
Abstain, say OPTOUT
Tony Award, in part PEWTER
Work with, as wolframite SMELT
Iranian ancestors MEDES
Siphons off SAPS
Olympic Village locale (August 1984) UCLA
Emphasized, for short ITAL
Where Sam played it CAFE
Taking from a timetable VIA
UPC symbol inventor IBM
Long-lasting, in product names SLO
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