NetWord Crossword Answers January 13, 2022

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Author: by Fred Piscop


Rudiments ABCS
One just getting started TYRO
Crane cousin HERON
Like-minded group BLOC
Lay waste to RUIN
Savory taste UMAMI
Item on a fast-food menu SODA
No. on a bill ACCT
Potter’s skill MAGIC
Milky Way, for example BAROFCHOCOLATE
World Cup org. FIFA
Modern address URL
Rial spender OMANI
Maltreat HARM
Mooer’s mouthful CUD
Product of Wisconsin BRICKCHEESE
Low ”nÃ%BAmero” UNO
Fit to do it ABLE
Misspeak, say ERR
Much of Mongolia GOBI
Curtain holder TIE
Delivery to a diner SLABOFBACON
Farm area STY
Hyacinth holders POTS
Tableware brand LENOX
Former CNN owner AOL
Belt out something SING
Sandwich staple CHUNKLIGHTTUNA
Big name in motorcycles HONDA
”Doggone it!” DRAT
Crook, for short PERP
British-born Pulitzer poet AUDEN
Spot near many a campground LAKE
Porpoise kin ORCA
Plain speaking PROSE
Gazed at EYED
Way too interested NOSY


What some gym reps work ABS
Amorphous mass BLOB
Certain fugue finale CODA
Pacino mob film SCARFACE
What Waze monitors TRAFFIC
New Mexico state flower YUCCA
High-calorie RICH
Clued in about ONTO
”Just go along” HUMORME
Online shopping venue EMALL
Sitar melody RAGA
Leave off OMIT
”Great shot!” NICE
Sound on MacDonald’s farm OINK
Scoundrels CURS
Circle of friends ORBIT
Cyrus of song MILEY
Chef’s selections HERBS
Starter for space AERO
Kaley of ”The Big Bang Theory” CUOCO
Remove from a package UNBOX
Ruin utterly DOIN
Halloween decorations BATS
Warm up HEAT
Ally to attack GANGUPON
Eastern Washington city SPOKANE
Goof off LOLL
Moved erratically FLITTED
Penchant BENT
Condor habitat ANDES
Shampoo bottle direction SHAKE
Roughen from the cold CHAP
Appointed time HOUR
Corrective computer command UNDO
Goofing off IDLE
Neutral shade GRAY
Marc Antony’s despotic descendant NERO
Flight paths ARCS
Be worthwhile to do PAY
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