NetWord Crossword Answers March 05, 2023

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Author: by Fred Piscop


Golf-card figures PARS
Don’t play fair CHEAT
Fender flaws DENTS
Ones walking, for short PEDS
Russia’s __ Mountains URAL
Oscar actress Berry HALLE
Reader’s download EBOOK
Beauty bar additive ALOE
Antibiotic (1928) PENICILLIN
Stationery stick-on (1968) POSTITNOTE
Ill will ANIMUS
Icy confections SNOCONES
Hiked, as prices UPPED
Sprinters’ assignments LANES
Cupid alias EROS
Stadium decks TIERS
Collaborative group TEAM
Snifter part STEM
Oscar actress PenÃ%A9lope CRUZ
Off-road ride, for short ATV
Predatory dolphin ORCA
An Obama daughter SASHA
Fanaticism ZEAL
Diagnostic device (1895) XRAYMACHINE
Potent potable (c. 1690) CHAMPAGNE
Make less stressful EASE
Carpentry joint part TENON
Stand for a conference room EASEL
Nat __ (cable channel) GEO
Makeup mishaps SMEARS
No longer in bed RISEN
Flat-topped land MESA
Have title to OWN
What patches cover RIPS
Comic actor Rogen SETH
Fellow MAN
Julius Caesar conquest GAUL
Makes angry RILES
Add herbs to SEASON
Lawyers’ org. ABA
Spinning slowly, as a fan ONLOW
Make blissful ELATE
Anecdotal tales LORE
Strong adhesive (1942) SUPERGLUE
Windshield material (1903) SAFETYGLASS
Go nowhere STAY
Leave undisturbed LETBE
Where the Gobi is ASIA
Stew holder POT
Blissful place EDEN
Lengthy story SAGA
“Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer LYNN
From now on HENCE
Train track RAIL
Pulitzer Prize category DRAMA
Standoffish ALOOF
Advice from a dietitian MEALPREP
Color variations SHADES
Bouncy toy (1940s) SILLYPUTTY
How all the theme answers were invented or discovered BYACCIDENT
Bart’s bus driver OTTO
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
In between ports ATSEA
“Add to that . . .” ALSO
__-do-well NEER
Gourd family fruit MELON
Climb aboard GETON
Bringing up the __ (in last place) REAR


Insect stage after larval PUPAL
Boxing match venue ARENA
Nabbed RANIN
“Ghostbusters” goo SLIME
Frat letters CHIS
Shakespearean prince HAL
Right-angle shapes ELLS
Get __ on (learn about) ALINE
Choral contingent TENORS
Overthrows DEPOSES
Black, to poets EBON
Airplane’s front NOSE
Whom sitters sit TOTS
Glide on snow SKI
Deep-dish dinner PANPIZZA
Wed on the run ELOPE
Overindulgent one DOTER
Food for birds SEEDS
Standard practice CUSTOM
Ballet attire TUTU
Foldaway furniture COT
Eventful period ERA
Bank statement no. ACCT
HBO talk show host MAHER
Chef’s spice MACE
Action film scenes CHASES
“Ten Commandments” pharaoh RAMESES
Logging-camp gear AXES
Airport shuttle TRAM
Bouquet holder VASE
False front SHAM
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
For a second time ANEW
Juan Ponce de __ LEON
Century fraction YEAR
“What’s the harm __?” INIT
Respectful refusal NOSIR
Combatants ENEMIES
Dish for dinner PLATE
Strictness RIGOR
Bit of glitter SPANGLE
Toddler’s ice cream term NILLA
Refusing to listen DEAF
Concert venue HALL
On a grand scale MASS
Share a border with ABUT
Western wine region NAPA
Awkward one LOUT
Make off with STEAL
Lather producer SOAP
Estimate follower ORSO
Home on a branch NEST
Haunted-house dÃ%A9cor WEBS
Handicrafts website ETSY
Driver’s license datum EYECOLOR
Yang’s counterpart YIN
“The Father of India” GANDHI
Toward the start EARLYON
Refuse to obey DEFY
Empty space GAP
Auto inflatable AIRBAG
Select group ELITE
Nick of films NOLTE
Philippine island LEYTE
Speeder detector RADAR
London-born singing star ADELE
Smart society MENSA
Fur-trading tycoon ASTOR
West Point mascot MULE
Footnote notation ETAL
Prefix like aer- ATMO
Time gone by PAST
Read rapidly SCAN
Country singer Tillis PAM
Big boss, for short CEO
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