NetWord Crossword Answers May 01, 2021

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Author: by Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


Floor or ceiling supporter JOIST
Outdoor accommodations CAMPSITES
Keep interrupting, say ANNOY
Were apart, then connected METUP
What a fence may fix PERIMETER
Supermarket money saver ECONOMYSIZE
Director of Heath and Jake (2005) ANG
Barefoot no more SHOD
Word from the Latin for ”sharpened” ACUTE
Deal precursor ANTE
Role models for the young DADS
__-Town (timid-sounding place) CHI
Little Italy moniker SAL
Wind hdg. ENE
Night spot BOITE
Person often dreaded RASTA
Super Glue solvent ACETONE
Roof over dormer windows MANSARD
The last Hindu monarchy (up to 2008) NEPAL
”The Fox and the Stork,” e.g. FABLE
The most you can spend LID
Listener’s library CDS
Get low SAG
Get high SOAR
Herald MARK
See 45 Down PASTA
Folk art tinware TOLE
Sci-fi staple UFO
Time travelers of a sort MINUTEHANDS
Antonym of ”identical” FRATERNAL
Eye-open swimming sleepers ORCAS
Certain pressure sensor TIREGAUGE
Applaud, new-style OVATE
Netanyahu predecessor PERES


Brando rival JAMESDEAN
Do-or-die try ONECHANCE
Past one’s comfort level INTOODEEP
What you’ve heard SOUNDS
Dash for cash, perhaps TYPO
High-ranking newspaper person COPYCHIEF
”Greystoke” costume APESUIT
Qualify for MERIT
Holds dear PRIZES
”I’ll have what she’s having” SAME
Ending like -arian ITE
Person to look up to? TITAN
Main __ EVENT
Wearable wool SERGE
__ breakfast (grits, frequently) MACON
Regrettably ALAS
His anthem is heard in Beethoven’s ”Wellington’s Victory” ARNE
Asking the tough questions BOLD
Up against it EMBATTLED
Brit’s sedan SALOONCAR
It’s set for a suit TRIALDATE
Customer data ADDRESSES
Stickiness TACK
Biodiesel source ALGAE
With 51 Across, rotini SPIRAL
Yearn (for) STARVE
Civilian outfit MUFTI
Spray alternative to Sinex AFRIN
They’re heard early in ”The Wizard of Oz” ROARS
Neutralize ANNUL
Big beginning MEGA
Prop for a levitation trick HOOP
Vietnamese for ”festival” TET
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