NetWord Crossword Answers May 07, 2022

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Author: by Matthew Sewell


Was stopped STOODSTILL
Flying fruit-eaters BATS
“Preposterous!” WHATANIDEA
Contracts studier, for short ONEL
Where posers are often presented ARTCLASSES
More, for less? XTRA
“Miss” metaphor BUS
Thrift shop staples LPS
Time and place SETTING
Deeply respectful PIOUS
Predators of the lizards of Oz ROOS
Where to see columns on the house FREENEWSPAPER
Feels discontented FRETS
Scraped (out) with great effort EKED
What Indy Jones got from the Sorbonne PHD
Single out CITE
Call unexpectedly POPIN
__ stick (paint store freebie) STIR
One may be touring CAR
A buck of a sort HART
Hardly fair RAINY
Where you meet we? ROYALAUDIENCE
Artie __ (Disney “Gummi Bears” toucan) DECO
Update alerts PINGS
Mull over THINKON
Owner of three Southern nuclear power plants TVA
Document placeholder NMI
Keep occupied for a while RENT
Special order for Qatar Airways (!) KOSHERMEAL
Picnic __ AREA
Scorecard stats PARS
Rise preventers SHIRTSTAYS


Forensic evidence collector SWAB
__-hike (end-to-end trek) THRU
Milk source OATS
What ibuprofen went in the ’80s OTC
Is in no hurry to decide DALLIES
Attach, as a motorcycle visor SNAPON
Paper from the Latin for “woven” TISSUE
State issuances IDS
Viticultural refuse LEES
Bright highlighter LASERPEN
Lone Ranger ring request enclosure BOXTOP
Coldly impersonal ANTISEPTIC
Seasonal Arctic visitor TERN
Welding byproduct SLAG
Object of aversion TOAD
Cabinet nickname PETE
Enthused about, with “in” SWEPTUP
Ecclesiastic sounding like an appliance FRIAR
Many a railroad relic, today RETRODINER
Go on a run SKI
Key crossing of WWII RHINE
Producer of a “Don’t Hang On, Hang Up!” video FCC
Drained DRY
Stumblebums PALOOKAS
Zoologist’s mouths ORA
Free from SANS
“Life” lesson HACK
Best alternative REGARDS
Dirt spreaders YENTAS
Be of two minds DITHER
Steel __ TRAP
Patron of the Argonauts HERA
Address an empty feeling NOSH
Word on a birth “anuncio” NENA
Whaler-turned-retailer MACY
__ Crozet (Indian Ocean archipelago) ILES
Lab work, briefly SCI
Get snarled MAT
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