NetWord Crossword Answers May 24, 2023

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Author: by Fred Piscop


Baseball great Ty COBB
Bloom holder STEM
Airport boarding areas GATES
Farmland measure ACRE
Home for honeybees HIVE
Adjust to something new ADAPT
Car’s __-view mirror REAR
“Beware the __ of March” IDES
At present TODAY
Backup power source GASGENERATOR
Carry-__ (some airline bags) ONS
Crosses out XES
Ultimatum ending ORELSE
Knight’s title SIR
Begins a sea voyage SETSSAIL
Birthday party desserts CAKES
“Ali __ and the Forty Thieves” BABA
Vitamin dose standard: Abbr. RDA
Plugged-in bed cover ELECTRICBLANKET
Feminine sibling, for short SIS
Large antlered animals ELKS
Bob who directed “Cabaret” FOSSE
Golfers’ reservations TEETIMES
Middle: Abbr. CTR
Whichever person ANYONE
“Steady as __ goes” SHE
Vitality VIM
Power source in a dam WATERTURBINE
Insertion mark CARET
Trench around a castle MOAT
Curtain holders RODS
Arcade game pioneer ATARI
Drake, bull, or tom MALE
Spanish cheers OLES
Feeling edgy TENSE
Boats like Noah’s ARKS
Candlelike in feel WAXY


Freighter’s load CARGO
Salty expanse OCEAN
Metal used for tubas BRASS
Arctic ice mass BERG
Black eye, informally SHINER
Sea’s highs and lows TIDES
In any way EVER
Flat-topped elevation MESA
Crocs’ cousins GATORS
Likes very much ADORES
Tiny amount TAD
Air quality agcy. EPA
Pigpen STY
Live and breathe EXIST
Add up to TOTAL
Songbirds said to be happy LARKS
Competing teams SIDES
Make very happy ELATE
Min. fraction SEC
Bags for potatoes SACKS
Recedes like 6 Down EBBS
Jai alai basket CESTA
Visitor from another planet ALIEN
Ken who wrote “. . . Cuckoo’s Nest” KESEY
Liver secretion BILE
Held a follow-up session REMET
In pursuit of AFTER
Neither here __ there NOR
Tall buildings TOWERS
All even, as a score INATIE
Ducts for laundry CHUTES
Celery portion STALK
Cello’s smaller relative VIOLA
End-of-book section INDEX
Needing tidying MESSY
Actress Stone or Watson EMMA
Sound from a tiger ROAR
Forehead BROW
Scratching post user CAT
Gobbled up ATE
Went jogging RAN
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