NetWord Crossword Answers November 18, 2021

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Author: by Steve Faiella


Evaluated by hand FELT
Autobahn autos BMWS
Dilapidated TATTY
Not nearby AFAR
Be a pillager LOOT
Parting word ADIEU
Suite spot HOTEL
Sack time SLEEP
Poetic nightfall EEN
Unsubscribes from a service OPTSOUT
Artistic expression STYLE
Overly suave OILY
Venerable board game CHESS
Neutral color TAN
Soon-to-change stage PHASE
Slick trick RUSE
Symbol of Australia KOALA
Without hesitation READILY
Short space saver ETC
Highly moral man MRCLEAN
Fare calculator METER
Sunday paper staple COMIC
In the air ALOFT
Recital song ARIA
Is indisposed AILS
Camp sights TENTS
Sales force REPS
Bed frame strip SLAT


Disloyal FALSE
Submits a 1040 online EFILES
Moan about LAMENT
Shoe shape saver TREE
Sandwich not served on El Al BLT
Remark at a roundup MOO
Took the pot WON
Hearing aide, for short STENOG
South Seas resort TAHITI
Fusses ADOS
Puente of mambo fame TITO
Be brimming TEEM
Time for carols YULE
Athletic activities SPORTS
Suffix for vigor OUS
Pursue diligently PLY
Have an inclination TILT
Crept, perhaps SNEAKED
City north of Cologne ESSEN
Actress Lindsay LOHAN
Passing through on an itinerary VIA
Both ends of Liverpool ELS
Sandwich selection RYE
Early PC monitor CRT
“Could you repeat that?” HUH
Jargon ending ESE
“Me neither” NORI
Benchwarmer’s plea PLAYME
Totally ALL
Puts up with girders, say ERECTS
Bag of leaves TEA
Airliner’s home HANGAR
Specification DETAIL
Designer McCartney STELLA
Hit a high point CREST
Future GP’s hurdle MCAT
Stage persona ROLE
“We gotta go!” CMON
Pick-me-up LIFT
Historical studies ERAS
Feeling of fury IRE
Small bite NIP
Unseen element GAS
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