NetWord Crossword Answers November 23, 2021

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Author: by Billie Truitt


Potatoes, informally SPUDS
Just sitting around IDLE
Medical insurance groups: Abbr. HMOS
Lake near Reno TAHOE
Bird’s’ nest location TREE
“Othello” villain IAGO
Pleasant smell AROMA
Fly like an eagle SOAR
Solid bit of orange juice PULP
Prepare dessert BAKEPUMPKINPIE
Metallic rock ORE
Prefix meaning “recent” NEO
Natural underground chamber CAVERN
Assist in a crime ABET
Cry from a crib WAH
Change as needed ADAPT
Highest cards in a deck ACES
Scotch and __ (bar drink) SODA
Shine up table settings POLISHTHESILVER
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Mystical warning OMEN
Land for farming FIELD
Shade of strawberries RED
Beseeched PLED
Large Australian city SYDNEY
A little peculiar ODD
Zodiac feline LEO
Prepare a main course STUFFTHETURKEY
Look mopey POUT
Dry as a desert ARID
Latin American line dance CONGA
Dog biscuit shape BONE
Join the chorus SING
Main sports squad ATEAM
Have top billing STAR
Fabric bag with handles TOTE
Requirements NEEDS


Wild guess STAB
Prefix for chute or medic PARA
Reluctant agreement UHOK
Bowl-shaped roof DOME
Cities with coastal harbors SEAPORTS
“Who’s there?” response ITSME
Just a __ in the bucket DROP
Faucet problem LEAK
Spooky feeling EERINESS
African beast usually larger than a rhino HIPPO
Island near Oahu MAUI
Gawk at OGLE
Soak (up), as gravy SOP
Large coffee server URN
Butterfly catcher NET
Zany adventure CAPER
Be very fond of ADORE
Logically sound VALID
Grand-scale tale EPIC
Had sore muscles ACHED
“__ there, done that” BEEN
Crafted on a loom WOVEN
British singer of “Skyfall” ADELE
Physically robust HARDY
“Don’t look __ like that!” ATME
Skidded SLID
Hang on tight HOLDFAST
“Unless it’s not possible” IFYOUCAN
Electronic document format PDF
Full collection SET
Of an exterior OUTER
Shelflike rock LEDGE
Chimney dust SOOT
__ fish sandwich TUNA
Duet plus one TRIO
A little help for the stumped HINT
Repetitive learning method ROTE
__-jerk reaction KNEE
Quaint “Oh my!” EGAD
Yellow Thanksgiving veggies YAMS
TV network with pledge drives PBS
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