NetWord Crossword Answers October 05, 2021

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Spew forth GUSH
Stringed instrument from India SITAR
Nothing more than ONLY
Like very much ADORE
Grand scale story EPIC
Molecule part ATOM
Soup eater’s impolite sound SLURP
Female suffix for bachelor ETTE
At some future time DOWNTHEROAD
Barnyard fowl HEN
Motorists’ org. AAA
Most lean and strong WIRIEST
Shape of a hockey puck DISC
It rises at dawn SUN
Creator of the Grinch SEUSS
Hooded winter jacket PARKA
Picnic invaders ANTS
Lofty aspiration DREAM
Mediterranean and Caribbean SEAS
Triumphant shout YAHOO
Course of tossed greens SALAD
Yale student ELI
Servings of corn EARS
Deleted from a manuscript STRICKEN
Toils over WORKSAT
__-cone (frozen treat) SNO
”What have we here!” OHO
Past one’s prime OVERTHEHILL
Self-defense spray MACE
Musical drama OPERA
Two-tone sandwich cookie OREO
Boats like Noah’s ARKS
Celebrate noisily REVEL
Discontinued Swedish car SAAB
Home for hatchlings NEST
Affirmative responses YESES
Cough syrup amts. TSPS


Urge on GOAD
”Do __ others . . .” UNTO
Snail-like SLOW
Church songbook HYMNAL
Strode with swagger SASHAYED
Not doing anything IDLE
Band’s road trip TOUR
Robin Hood’s missile ARROW
Settled a debt REPAID
Service charge FEE
In a predicament UPTHECREEK
Locations SITES
Perfume’s aroma SCENT
Tiny bits TADS
Slow faucet leak DRIP
”A miss __ good . . .” ISAS
Brit’s ”My word!” ISAY
Fish in cat food TUNA
With ice cubes, as a cocktail ONTHEROCKS
Yours and mine OURS
”__ directed” (prescription phrase) USEAS
Shaker on a bistro table SALT
Curly cabbage KALE
T __ ”tango” ASIN
Thoroughly moisten SOAK
Old West law officers MARSHALS
Approximately ORSO
Eat in style DINE
Very tasty SAVORY
Sharer of emceeing COHOST
Grown-up girl WOMAN
Chicago airport OHARE
Traditional Native American abode TEPEE
Races, as an engine REVS
Family diagram TREE
Nest egg accts. IRAS
High jump LEAP
Soft tosses LOBS
Phila. winter clock setting EST
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