NetWord Crossword Answers October 09, 2021

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Excessively angled OVERFISHED
Rice, for instance ANNE
Modern civil rights phrase LOVEISLOVE
Felino depredador LEON
Convenient for viewing ATEYELEVEL
Hit close to home BUNT
Muskrat habitat FEN
Prepare to run over, quickly REW
Tony Soprano, at times USURER
It’s 9 on the Mohs scale RUBY
Chess player’s contemplation NEXTMOVE
Not fully cooked PARBOILED
Open __ SEA
Rough housing LEANTO
On the way SENT
Eyed with awe GAPEDAT
Won’t budge INSISTS
Whom Karl portrayed in ”Patton” OMAR
Calm down, possibly ASSURE
One working with chinning LAT
Cocktail garnished with a pome slice APPLETINI
Enticing party line FREEBEER
They often sell out RATS
Far more than a handful TERROR
Letters in Prof. Higgins’ notebook IPA
Snap, with ”out” WIG
Mountain visible from Vietnam ETNA
”Heavens to Betsy!” IDODECLARE
UPS app data ETAS
Alpine attire LEDERHOSEN
Walk-on part SOLE
Summarily dismiss SWEEPASIDE


Name from Old Norse for ”grandfather” OLAF
Person concerned with slates VOTER
Balance EVENUP
Meetable character in Disneyland’s ”Galaxy’s Edge” REY
Scarlet kin FIERYRED
Part of some chains ISLE
Big number SLEW
Diamond-studded lane letters HOV
Transitional time EVE
Sumptuous DELUXE
Numbers put together ALBUM
Phobias, for instance NEUROSES
Trifling occurrence NONEVENT
Presses verbally ENTREATS
MIL-___ (DoD interoperability classification) STD
One making a bundle BALER
Small grouse NIT
Hinton’s middle name ELOISE
Herd word BAA
Magnetically preserved, in a way ONTAPE
City near Florence SIENA
4 Yards More sporting goods GOLFTEES
Coffee creamer flavor AMARETTO
Buff NUT
Hot tuna roll ingredient SRIRACHA
Handheld device with a pentaprism SLR
Group kept in banks ABO
Causes for alarm PERILS
Formal disclosure ITWASI
Get off the mark ERASE
Brought into being SIRED
”Notion” IDEE
Bad actor, informally PERP
Bit of modern engineering GENE
Dawning phenomenon DEW
Tributary creation ODE
It was essential to creating LAX LOS
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