NetWord Crossword Answers October 16, 2021

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Author: by Lester Ruff


Women pursuing eagles LPGA
As such PERSE
Tan color BUFF
What may infuse olive oil ORANGEPEEL
Stone found on Mars OPAL
Rather soft MEZZOPIANO
Unusually fine RARE
How to get somewhere fast BYAIR
45 descendants CDSINGLES
Not at all observant OBTUSE
“The Most Merciful” ALLAH
Uniform Crime Reports publisher FBI
Semipermanent tents YURTS
Importunes to repay DUNS
Bit of solar winds ION
Minimal ensemble DUO
One of four five-star admirals NIMITZ
Olympic VIP GOD
Starter for two NBA teams LOS
Erstwhile orbiter MIR
Bagel center GEE
Often-sharp shaving SLIVER
Overexert TAX
Letters beside CNN countdowns HRS
“Self is __ boundless and measureless”: Gibran ASEA
Repaired, as some chairs CANED
Rock blaster TNT
Confound ABASH
Many minerals OXIDES
Four-lobed yellow flower FORSYTHIA
Dismissed LETGO
Put asunder TORE
Crime story where the perpetrator is revealed early HOWCATCHEM
Carrier with missile defense systems ELAL
Carnegie Hall savior (1960s) ISAACSTERN
Beams that are light RAYS
Manner of writing STYLE
A third of sesqui- SEMI


Partner in eye health LOMB
Crichton novel with evil nanorobots PREY
City southwest of Tel Aviv GAZA
Allies landing site before D-Day ANZIO
Dynamism PEP
Eponym for hedonists EPICURUS
Amuses with a tale READSTO
Perceptive group SENSES
8,028th-century humanoid ELOI
Big name in big heads BORGLUM
Getting no sleep UPALLNIGHT
Japanese or Chinese FAREASTERN
Apple, mostly FLESH
’80s world leader, in headlines GORBY
Depths NADIR
Bloody Mary, e.g. TUDOR
They may get into a jam FIGS
Number associated with Yale BOOLABOOLA
Turned down NIXED
Dynamism ZEST
One of four five-star admirals LEAHY
Excessively enthused MANIACAL
Armadas and arteries VESSELS
Air lane of a sort TAXIWAY
Media partner COHOST
What presses build DELTS
Aiming for AFTER
School spin-offs SECTS
What’s in front of you THIS
What Ahab called the whale THEE
Microorganism GERM
100%, at first OMNI
Master of fighters ACE
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