NetWord Crossword Answers September 29, 2022

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Author: by Fred Piscop


Barbershop service SHAVE
Schedule slot space holder TBA
“La Bohème heroine MIMI
Warm and comfy HOMEY
Fifth-rate POOR
Very devoted AVID
Hold dear ADORE
Tex-Mex fare HOTTAMALE
Any extended contest MARATHON
Ballpark fare FRANKS
Fill up on EAT
Frequent fryers OILS
Rapper diminutive LIL
Sit up for AWAIT
Cold War concern ARMSRACE
Minor misstep SLIP
Harp ancestors LYRES
Anthem opener OSAY
Many a recreational bike TENSPEED
Aquatic bird with very long legs STILT
NBA extra periods OTS
Flower with sweet nectar HONEYSUCKLE
Bib wearers TOTS
Facial feature EAR
Albanian capital TIRANA
Keyboarding star ASTERISK
Possible Monopoly modification HOUSERULE
Element #5 BORON
Bickering ATIT
Oration station DAIS
Get out of EVADE
Dwindle WANE
Needing nothing more SET
Suspenseful TENSE


Deception SHAM
Kotb of TV talk HODA
Romantic “emoción” AMOR
Gown designer Wang VERA
Driver’s license ritual EYETEST
Pixar performer TOON
Web-crawling software BOT
Experimental cinema ARTFILMS
Some toddler coddlers MAMAS
Common Slavic name IVAN
Coconut product MILK
“Et tu” day IDES
Pinterest posting PHOTO
French home of van Gogh ARLES
Partner of hee or hem HAW
Folklore brute OGRE
Can’t help but HASTO
Big-eyed baby bird OWLET
Downpours RAINS
Narrowly beats NIPS
Avant-__ GARDE
Vision-correction acronym LASIK
Poker declaration ICALL
Philippine island LEYTE
Soldier-to-be program ROTC
Ballet wear LEOTARDS
Big appetites YENS
Conversation piece PHONE
It can’t miss SUREBET
Affirmations YESES
Went unused SAT
Sample to try TASTE
Turn to slush THAW
Tiny trace IOTA
Devastate RUIN
Got off a horse ALIT
Meander ROVE
Country on the Caspian IRAN
Installs turf SODS
Joint for jumping KNEE
Mideast OPEC member UAE
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