NetWord Crossword Answers September 30, 2022

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Author: by Kevin Christian


Lawn maintenance EDGING
Common lipstick shade RUBY
“Am __ understand . . .” ITO
Cover for tiny toes BOOTIE
Take for a ride CON
Before we begin, __ ANTENNADOWN
Finesse ART
Number on a nickel YEAR
Perfect match TWIN
Tolstoy title character ANNA
Chairlift alternative TBAR
Before we begin, __ WINDOWSUP
Kennedy Center honoree Rivera CHITA
Home to 700+ million EUROPE
Worn (away) EATEN
Reluctant to give STINGY
Bastille Day “saison” ETE
Where you are CARWASH
Concave cooker WOK
“I’m dubious!” OHGOON
Aerobics regimen TAEBO
County Kerry city TRALEE
Midwest oil center TULSA
Before we begin, __ WIPERSOFF
Capital due north of Denmark OSLO
Locks up or nails down ICES
Current-slang sweethearts BAES
Recounted TOLD
Text of gratitude THX
Before we begin, __ LEAVETHEKEY
Snoop group CIA
“Sesame Street” monster ELMO
Treat with a gas AERATE
Be indecisive HEM
A distant point AFAR
Became overcast, at Oxford GREYED


Bidding setting EBAY
Refusal to repeat oneself DONETHAT
Keep saying ITERATE
French diarist NIN
Classy guy GENT
Minute hands, essentially RADII
School northeast of Yale UCONN
Lexus alternative BMW
Longing YEN
Boaster’s assurance ICANSO
Shredded TORNUP
Preserved, old-style ONTAPE
“How cute!” AWW
Off course AWRY
Cowpoke’s boss RANCHER
Cozy spots DENS
So-so in school CEE
“No seats today” SRO
Afternoon hour TWO
Ending like -esque IAN
Long time AGES
Reluctant assent WELLOKAY
Current no more OBSOLETE
RV stopping place KOA
Shouts of support OLES
Severely simple AUSTERE
Nasal movement TWITCH
Nickname like Chard RICHIE
What some HS courses end with APEXAM
Former honorary USO chairman OBAMA
Look kindly upon FAVOR
Retainer, for instance FEE
Art atop STAG
With a new hue DYED
What clover might cover LEA
Tolkien magician ELF
That freighter HER
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