New York Times Crossword Answers April 01, 2021

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Author: Sam Ezersky
Editor: Will Shortz


"Unbelievable!" MYGOD
Actor Patel of "Slumdog Millionaire" DEV
Film in which Will Ferrell wears yellow tights ELF
Good, in Genoa BUONO
Specs can be provided for them EYES
Talk like a tippler SLUR
___ Building, former name of Chicago's Aon Center AMOCO
Losing dice roll CRAP
[sooo funny!] LMAO
-Across, with "out" VERYRELIGIOUS
What the Cyclops couldn't do after Odysseus tricked him SEE
"___ interesante" MUY
Bull's preceder in the zodiac RAM
"Sooo funny …" HARHAR
Inits. before 9-Across ESSENTIALLY
Pop star Grande, to fans ARI
Airplane whose name is also a vitamin BTEN
Start of the third millennium MMI
Something often skipped using a DVR TVAD
Way to say "hey" in São Tomé OLA
-Across, in slang BADMOUTHING
Overlooked PASSEDBY
Pestering sort NOODGE
Dip stick? OAR
Depiction on Arizona and New Mexico's flags SUN
___ loose LET
-/65-Across and others BLENDEDFAMILY
Ice-___ (old tennis nickname) BORG
Bombard (with) PELT
Sorting category in a music app GENRE
"Jeopardy!," basically QUIZ
Bumpkins HICKS
French holy title: Abbr. STE
Cheap beer choice, for short PBR
S.U.V. with a geographic name TAHOE


Firm requirement, maybe MBA
Word a cook likes to hear YUM
Travel abroad GOOVERSEAS
How many times TV's Perry Mason lost a case ONCE
Quite a job, you have to admit? DOORMAN
Publicly criticize DECRY
Literary character who says "I will be myself" to Mr. Rochester EYRE
What might be parm for the course? VEAL
Friend of Cookie Monster ELMO
Occasion for a roast LUAU
Some natural hairstyles, informally FROS
Perfectly thrown football SPIRAL
Circular dwelling YURT
Libertarian politico Johnson GARY
hit for Cyndi Lauper SHEBOP
Where I-5 meets I-710 EASTLA
What may come home to roost HEN
Something that might be made with cold cuts from the fridge SAMMY
Sister of Calliope CLIO
Filmmaker who co-created "Twin Peaks" DAVIDLYNCH
Like Tennessee Avenue and New York Avenue, on a Monopoly board ORANGE
Have ants in one's pants FIDGET
Website with Oscars recaps IMDB
Vietnam's Le Duc ___ THO
Sweat it BEAD
Ones with spots to fill ADREPS
"One" on ones UNUM
Tony and Maria duet in "West Side Story" TONIGHT
Trey ___, R&B artist with the 2012 chart-topping album "Chapter V" SONGZ
Strong luster? SATYR
Occasions for roasts, for short BBQS
Hooligan LOUT
City roughly halfway between Cleveland and Buffalo ERIE
"Pirates of the Caribbean" star DEPP
Toning target FLAB
Noted leader of the Resistance LEIA
Pioneering co. in film noir RKO
-talk ESE
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