New York Times Crossword Answers April 03, 2021

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Author: Peter A. Collins
Editor: Will Shortz


Kind of poet BEAT
Locales on a campus map HALLS
Nondairy source of calcium KALE
Impetuous RASH
Coat in the winter ICEUP
Pro in tech since 2015 IPAD
Keister ARSE
Artist's application GESSO
So, in Sicily COSI
Part of a driver's manual CLUTCH
Soup bone selection HAMHOCK
Crown Jewels' quality LUSTRE
___ bank SPERM
Buenos Aires-to-Brasília dir. NNE
Worked up RILED
Making goo-goo eyes, say FLIRTATIOUS
Covered in ink ALLTATTEDUP
Lock option PLAIT
Thither YON
Hit reality TV series spun off from "16 and Pregnant" TEENMOM
Place for a pot and kettle RANGETOP
It circles the globe TROPIC
Role for Jay Chou in 2011's "The Green Hornet" KATO
People who follow a set of rules known as the Ordnung AMISH
Component of some fractals TILE
Athletic conference that UMass belongs to ATEN
Pat ___, three-time N.B.A. Coach of the Year RILEY
Native Canadian CREE
One-named singer awarded a C.B.E. in 2017 SADE
Mistake? STEAL
Big name in oil HESS


Maker of candy corn and conversation hearts BRACHS
Winter hat feature EARLAP
Blues classic that contains the lyric "I'm free from your spell" THETHRILLISGONE
Hard pitch to hit? HIGHC
Wizard ACE
Cautionary word LEST
Very green LUSH
They're on a mission APOSTLES
Beamed, in a way LASERED
Worked for Money, say EDITED
One of 20 standing in the House COMMITTEE
Nonstandard adjective in "Alice in Wonderland" CURIOUSER
"Nifty!" NEATO
Title for Eva Perón: Abbr. SRA
Massenet's "Le ___" CID
Showed brazenly FLAUNTED
Former name of Kazakhstan's largest city ALMAATA
Worn down apparel? PARKAS
One who might sit in a high chair UMPIRE
Fabrics with printed designs TOILES
Makes introductions, in a way EMCEES
"The sentinels, silent and sure," per a "Les Misérables" song STARS
Kind of alcohol ETHYL
Jump over OMIT
Word with junk or dog PILE
Ending of titles by Jean Rhys and Ernest Hemingway SEA
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