New York Times Crossword Answers April 25, 2022

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Author: Li Ding
Editor: Will Shortz


Unit of bread LOAF
Desensitizes, as with Novocain NUMBS
Prefix with potent OMNI
Pimply skin condition ACNE
High-heat oven setting BROIL
Sizable paper quantity REAM
Military leader who lends his name to a Chinese dish GENERALTSO
Dot on a radar screen BLIP
Loud and flashy GAUDY
Slenderest parts of Champagne flutes STEMS
Director DuVernay AVA
Cartoon films like "Spirited Away" and "Ninja Scroll" ANIMES
With 49-Across, the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken COLONEL
Bar mitzvah, for one RITE
One making a listing on Airbnb HOST
Rally around a common cause UNITE
Clear as ___ (plain to see) DAY
Chocolate-and-caramel candy brand ROLO
Trig ratios SINES
Type of battle that 17-, 26-/49- and 60-Across might be engaged in? FOODFIGHT
Desert watering hole OASIS
Humble reply to "Nice job!" ITRY
Slump SAG
Russian pancakes served with sour cream BLINI
Mom to Jaden and Willow Smith JADA
Walk a ___ in someone's shoes MILE
See 26-Across SANDERS
Work in clay or marble SCULPT
U.S. public health org. CDC
Puzzle type with pictures REBUS
Really bothered ATEAT
Touch up before publication EDIT
Cereal mascot in a naval uniform CAPNCRUNCH
Nick at ___ NITE
Bacon or Hamm, e.g. ACTOR
Berry in a smoothie bowl ACAI
Grammy winner who sometimes sings in Gaelic ENYA
Something shared on Instagram PHOTO
“And I – I took the one ___ traveled by”: Robert Frost LESS


Straggling sort LAGGARD
South Pacific region OCEANIA
Income source for some retirees ANNUITY
"I'm hungry!" FEEDME
Where Wizards play with Magic, in brief NBA
Web addresses, for short URLS
Abolitionist Lucretia MOTT
Sports replay effect SLOMO
Spherical shape ORB
Pigment giving color to skin MELANIN
Gullibility based on inexperience NAIVETE
Runs through with a sword IMPALES
Deli bread variety RYE
Like winter roads during a thaw SLUSHY
"Get outta here!" SHOO
"You can bet ___" ONIT
Grayed OLD
"Modern Family" actress Vergara SOFIA
More promising ROSIER
Locate FIND
"___ be an honor" ITD
Mardi ___ GRAS
Shockingly vulgar OBSCENE
Disney film with the ballad "A Whole New World" ALADDIN
Nickname for Las Vegas SINCITY
Something that may be golden or broken SILENCE
Camel relatives of South America ALPACAS
"Here's the best part …" GETTHIS
Composer of the "Brandenburg Concertos," in brief JSBACH
Held in common MUTUAL
Summary of last week's episode, perhaps RECAP
Electric or hybrid product, maybe CAR
No more than UPTO
Annoying little squirt SNOT
Pekoe or Darjeeling TEA
___-Magnon CRO
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