New York Times Crossword Answers April 26, 2021

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Author: Eric and Lori Bornstein
Editor: Will Shortz


Document for foreign travel VISA
Spend much time in front of the mirror PRIMP
"Omnia vincit ___" ("Love conquers all": Lat.) AMOR
"SportsCenter" channel ESPN
Rapper Kendrick LAMAR
Designate as "commercial" or "residential," e.g. ZONE
Nonbinary pronoun THEY
Best possible athletic performance AGAME
Very top APEX
Figurative site of a 35-Down WHITECASTLE
Elevator brake inventor Elisha OTIS
Parched, as a desert SERE
Neigh Horse :: ___
Emerge from the ocean, say SURFACE
French "yes" OUI
Alternative to Google BING
Michael who directed "Fahrenheit 9/11" MOORE
Starting point for a car sale negotiation: Abbr. MSRP
To the back AREAR
Auction unit LOT
Feudal superior LIEGE
Alma mater of five U.S. presidents YALE
Singers Ames and Sheeran EDS
Push to do something URGE
%: Abbr. PCT
Wolf Blitzer facial feature BEARD
Vienna's home: Abbr. AUS
Nitpick, literally DELOUSE
Old rival of MGM RKO
Prefix with stasis or tarsus META
Summa cum ___ LAUDE
Tennis score after deuce ADIN
Sound much heard in traffic BEEP
Damascus's home SYRIA
Nashville's home: Abbr. TENN
Only daughter of Elizabeth II ANNE
Lady ___, first female member of Parliament ASTOR
French celestial being ANGE


"About" ISH
What a volcano might do SPEW
Informal segue ANYHOO
Shade of blond PLATINUM
Rants and raves RAGES
Certain Apple IMAC
Half of a 1960s folk-rock group MAMAS
Something that might be felt at a séance PRESENCE
Spring bloomer AZALEA
Last number in a countdown ONE
Former secretary of state Tillerson REX
"No lie!" ITIS
Apple or maple TREE
Alphabetically first group in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ABBA
Figurative ruler of a 35-Down DAIRYQUEEN
"Pride and Prejudice" novelist JANEAUSTEN
Locale of many White House photo ops ROSEGARDEN
Figurative ruler of a 35-Down BURGERKING
"Eek!" YIPE
Isn't oneself? ROLEPLAYS
Feature of many a mall … or a place for 20-Across and 26- and 30-Down? FOODCOURT
Place to make a scene? ARTSTUDIO
Soiree, say GALA
Bog down MIRE
Chris of "S.N.L." REDD
___ job (bit of garage work) LUBE
Brazilian ballroom dance SAMBA
John who wrote "No man is an island" DONNE
Disney's ___ of Arendelle ELSA
Singe SEAR
Mimic APE
Keep ___ distance ATA
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