New York Times Crossword Answers April 26, 2022

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Author: Simon Marotte
Editor: Will Shortz


Dance that might be accompanied by a fiddle JIG
QB's six-pointer TDPASS
Withdraw from, as a class DROP
Laudatory work ODE
Forecast provider ORACLE
Judicial cover-up? ROBE
Under the weather ILL
Bros' embrace MANHUG
Supply-and-demand subj. ECON
Rainy day savings NESTEGG
's "King Kong" and 2021's "Dune" REMAKES
Lawyer's title: Abbr. ESQ
Self-confidence APLOMB
Lingerie material LACE
Commando movie weapons UZIS
Filling station? TOOTH
Neighbor of Afghanistan IRAN
Musical ability EAR
Who might say "Who goes there?" SENTRY
Waste container BIN
Put in fancy duds DECKOUT
Actor Holland of "Spider-Man" films TOM
Freshwater fish with a colorful name REDFIN
Gerund suffix ING
Destination for an Apollo mission MOON
Safe havens ASYLA
On a cruise ASEA
Hypes (up) AMPS
Good thing to graduate with HONORS
Dashboard stat RPM
They go up and down on a playground SEESAWS
Partial floor covering AREARUG
Historical periods ERAS
"Beats me" NOCLUE
Slip up ERR
What a tightrope walker walks on WIRE
Discord UNREST
Attribute of many celebrities EGO
Makes after taxes NETS
Greek goddess of the soul PSYCHE
Hardly any FEW


Not doing anything IDLE
Styling products GELS
Heavy hardcovers TOMES
*Trixie Mattel, e.g. DRAGQUEEN
Feeling of guilt PANG
German interjection ACH
Impolite sounds at the dinner table SLURPS
Jason of "Freaks and Geeks" SEGEL
"Oh sure, that'll totally happen!" DREAMON
All-time low … or a musical hint to the answers to this puzzle's starred clues ROCKBOTTOM
Cousin of a bassoon OBOE
Souvenirs from White House signings PENS
Many a high school student TEEN
Sacred choral work MOTET
*Contact-free smooch AIRKISS
Fair and balanced type, astrologically LIBRA
Strong and resilient type, astrologically ARIES
*Seasonal confection that may say "I Luv U" CANDYHEART
Actor Efron ZAC
Apt rhyme for "group" TROOP
Songs that might be accompanied by an organ HYMNS
*Sensation after consuming too many Pixy Stix, perhaps SUGARRUSH
"The People's Princess" DIANA
Early afternoon hour ONE
Follows some dentists' advice FLOSSES
Bahama ___ MAMA
Fire felonies ARSONS
Admit (to) OWNUP
Pro golfer Calvin PEETE
Embroidered, e.g. SEWN
Lake below Huron ERIE
Knighted actor Guinness ALEC
Place to find brain coral REEF
Get bigger GROW
"___ me a river!" CRY
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