New York Times Crossword Answers April 27, 2022

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Author: Alex Bajcz
Editor: Will Shortz


One inclined to go in and out RAMP
"Peace out" LATER
Certain vipers ASPS
Where one may purchase a sectional with a side of meatballs IKEA
Cover story ALIBI
"Star Wars" general with the line "If you see our son, bring him home" LEIA
Stuff CRAM
Deals with fries and a beverage, maybe COMBOMEALS
Hornswoggle CON
County north of the Firth of Forth FIFE
Three or more on a semi AXLES
It may lead to a "no catch" ruling INSTANTREPLAY
Not square, in a way OWING
Screen, as a potential running mate VET
What's often kept undercover? SHEET
Cygnus constellation, with "the" SWAN
Put (down) LAID
Fight a needless fight, metaphorically TILTATWINDMILLS
Thrill-seeker's acronymic motto YOLO
Top 40 songs HITS
Ring around a lagoon ATOLL
Hairstyle that sounds edible BUN
Swings around SLUES
One with a quintessential McJob BURGERFLIPPER
"Same with me" ASAMI
Director Kazan ELIA
Bruce on the Hollywood Walk of Fame LEE
Extra-bountiful harvest BUMPERCROP
Two in a two-car garage BAYS
Singer Rexha BEBE
Community far from a city's center EXURB
Playing extra minutes, briefly INOT
Parched ARID
"___ on the igpay atinlay!" IXNAY
Heater meas. BTUS


Christina of 1991's "The Addams Family" RICCI
City nicknamed "Rubber Capital of the World" AKRONOHIO
Has the best intentions MEANSWELL
Actress Grier PAM
Pretty trim LACING
Up in the air ALOFT
Hourglass, e.g. TIMER
Flow back EBB
Olympics host, informally RIO
Name often called in a smart home ALEXA
Tuft & Needle competitor SEALY
Stack PILE
'Tude SASS
Type of shake MALT
Fruity soda brand FANTA
Hook up with TIETO
Jazz pianist Bill EVANS
Be in limbo PEND
Place for mucking around STY
-Down residents SWINE
Drollery WIT
Like festive houses during the holidays LITUP
Potted succulent ALOEPLANT
"Until we meet again" ILLSEEYOU
Cable alternative DSL
Rap's Young ___ THUG
Onetime presidential daughter with the code name Radiance MALIA
Cheeseboard staple BRIE
Evade capture SLIPBY
Thumper's forest friend BAMBI
Cried foul? UMPED
Any "Scrubs" or "Friends" episode, now RERUN
Regional greenery FLORA
Takes time off RESTS
Group with the tribute band Björn Again ABBA
One alleging injury, perhaps SUER
Big retailer of camping gear REI
Roman numeral equal to 12% of M CXX
Chest protector BIB
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