New York Times Crossword Answers April 29, 2021

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Author: Adam Wagner
Editor: Will Shortz


Response to a knock at the door, perhaps WOOF
Vancouver Canucks' mascot Fin, for one ORCA
Pet peeves? BATHS
Chuck HURL
Totally improvise WING
Deplete USEUP
First line of a three-line poem ITWOULDBEASHAME
What Yellowstone's Old Faithful does about 17 times a day SPOUTS
Deal (with) COPE
Erector Set piece ROD
"Heart of Darkness" character who cries "The horror! The horror!" KURTZ
In 2020, they outsold CDs for the first time since 1986 LPS
Globe ORB
st to 228th, in Manhattan: Abbr. STS
___ Solis, Obama-era secretary of labor HILDA
With 36- and 43-Across, second line of the poem IFMY
Pepper between jalapeño and cayenne on the Scoville heat scale SERRANO
John ___, husband of Pocahontas ROLFE
See 30-Across HAIKUWERE
Less forward COYER
Sticky stuff that drips down the side of a cone? PINESAP
See 30-Across TOBE
David ___, boss on the British version of "The Office" BRENT
Apple or orange seed PIP
___ Victory, world's oldest naval ship still in commission HMS
___ Paulo SAO
Less naïve WISER
Suggestion, colloquially REC
Sacha Baron Cohen character ALIG
Wet weather wear PONCHO
Final line of the poem ONESYLLABLETOOLONG
Year-end reward BONUS
Real first name of singer Lorde ELLA
Writer ___ Stanley Gardner ERLE
"Yesssss!" SWEET
"Nooooo!" DAMN
Harmonica piece REED


Removes quickly, with "away" WHISKS
"… not to mention everything else that could go wrong!" ORWORSE
Scoff at FLOUT
Real head-turners OWLS
Free from, with "of" RID
"Fast Money" channel CNBC
Like hallowed traditions AGEOLD
Certain ways to work BUSES
Wood in Louisville Sluggers ASH
Remove quickly, as a Band-Aid TEAROFF
"Just go with it" HUMORME
Zoomed past SPEDBY
Potato chip brand UTZ
Kitty litter? HAIRBALL
Finalize, as a deal INK
Jeweler's magnifying glass LOUPE
A group of them is called un archipel ILES
"Seven Seas of ___" (Queen's first radio hit) RHYE
Addison ___, high-earning TikTok personality RAE
Mined matter ORE
The 1, in 1-0 WIN
"Be reasonable, will you!" COMENOW
Like an over-the-top display of wealth OBSCENE
Fig. on a college application APSCORE
Big stupid mouth PIEHOLE
Shook up ROILED
Extended the duration of PROLONGED
Speak, as thou might SAYST
Hardship WOE
Big do GALA
Strategy PLAN
Not just accept a wrong, say SUE
Racial justice movement since 2013, for short BLM
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