New York Times Crossword Answers April 30, 2022

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Author: Joe DiPietro
Editor: Will Shortz


Certain archaeological site BOG
Received, as a guest to one's flat HADUP
Felicity BLISS
Flying start? AVI
Olds that was once in the news ALERO
Make altogether RUNTO
Cheerful response to "How're you doing?" NEVERFELTBETTER
"Guess again" NOPE
Bachelor, e.g. GRAD
Amused reaction LOL
-syllable Japanese poem TANKA
Heavy shoe BROGAN
Women's soccer powerhouse USA
Poorly written words SCRAWL
A mighty long time AGES
Its slogan "Get Smarter Now" matches its initials GAMESHOWNETWORK
Writing is sometimes done on it SPEC
Looking wise? OWLISH
Part of some after-work plans, in brief IRA
Comment after clumsiness OOPSIE
John Steinbeck's middle name ERNST
Burning issue ASH
E.P.A. concern SMOG
Playroom? THEATER
Buffaloed ATALOSS
People may never get over it BARBEDWIREFENCE
Halfway between yellow and orange AMBER
Musical segment ACTII
Auto shaft, informally CAM
Tries out TESTS
Claudio or Gio, father-and-son players for the U.S. men's national soccer team REYNA
Sex Pistols song written after a record-contract termination EMI


When doubled, attention-grabbing BANG
During OVER
It's first among Americans GIVENNAME
"That's a big 'no thanks'" HARDPASS
Michael Caine film ALFIE
Regard DEEM
Address in a bar URL
Delectable made with grass POTBROWNIE
Actress Fricker of "My Left Foot" BRENDA
Leap with a twist LUTZ
Dossier contents INTEL
One working for a dictator STENO
Philosopher Georges SOREL
Sci-fi's Chief Chirpa, e.g. EWOK
Relatives of foxhounds BEAGLES
String of typographical symbols, like @%$&!, to represent an obscenity GRAWLIX
Jerks TUGS
"Step on it!" ASAP
Navigator was in the first one BROWSERWAR
Sticks nix NAW
Did some prep work in the kitchen CHOPPED
About to be sold GOINGONCE
Has things backward, say ERRS
Game with matadors and schneiders SKAT
Energy-saving mode in some hybrid cars ECO
Soprano's group THEMAFIA
Cowboy features OATERS
Lead, e.g. ROLE
"For ___!" SHAME
Components of a bouquet garni HERBS
A toaster might hold one STEIN
Give some bad assistance ABET
Affected ARTY
Hustle SCAM
Final precursor SEMI
Composition of some sheets ICE
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