New York Times Crossword Answers August 03, 2022

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Author: Daniel Bodily
Editor: Will Shortz


Like some testimony ORAL
Carpenter's bladed tool ADZ
New ones may be sleep-deprived MOMS
___ al pastor (Mexican street food order) TACOS
Pool accessory CUE
Live it up REVEL
With 30- and 49-Across, test question to be answered by filling in the correct circle INASCRABBLEGAME
Park City getaway, say SKITRIP
Competed with RIVALED
"___ My Ride" (2004-07 MTV series) PIMP
Not much ABIT
Certain workshop worker ELF
His name means "desire" EROS
Pair in a dinghy OARS
Character in "Face/Off"? SLASH
Rice bowl garnish NORI
Mich. neighbor ONT
Petting zoo sound BAA
Drill sergeant's word HUP
___ Ray (pioneer in Surrealist photography) MAN
Like a cloudless night STARRY
"Here!" TAKEIT
Healthful practices, collectively HYGIENE
Supernatural sights VISIONS
See 16-Across TWOPOINTS
Part of a Velcro shoe STRAP
Anomalous ODD
Sign of burnout? EMBER
Swahili word meaning "freedom" UHURU
One of two in Monopoly DIE
Like rusty pipes, perhaps LEAKY
Genre for Mary J. Blige RANDB
Prefix with conscious ECO
Leafy shelter from the sun SHADETREE


Redding with 11 Top 40 hits OTIS
Prioritize, in a way RANK
Juice stand berry ACAI
What microchips help to find LOSTPETS
Like singing in the rain, usually ACAPPELLA
Make a knight, e.g. DUB
Striped aquarium denizen ZEBRAFISH
Leader of the Decepticons in the "Transformers" series MEGATRON
___ Office OVAL
Something shared a lot online MEME
Musher's vehicle SLED
Improv show's lack SCRIPT
"This vacuum sucks! 5 stars," for one REVIEW
Part of a wheel RIM
Trudeau's party: Abbr. LIB
Song sung at sea SHANTY
Wildlife identifier EARTAG
Pasture LEA
Start of a famous line from a balcony OROMEO
Genetic variant STRAIN
Rushing sound WOOSH
Declaration when putting one's foot down ISAYNO
Confined SHUTIN
Nudges in the right direction HINTS
Place for rounds of draft picks BREWPUB
Hue such as pale mint or lilac PASTELSHADE
Slowing down, musically: Abbr. RITARD
It's destiny! KISMET
Classical lyric poem EPODE
Meeting format VIDEO
Ending with spasm ODIC
Big ___ SUR
Hip-hop article THA
Word with end or earned RUN
Mars ___ BAR
Barely make, with "out" EKE
Bread choice RYE
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