New York Times Crossword Answers August 06, 2022

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Author: Byron Walden
Editor: Will Shortz


Put-ons? GARB
title role for Peter Fonda ULEE
San Francisco's War Memorial, for one OPERAHOUSE
Sheltie shelterer, in brief SPCA
Program that includes Build Back Better, informally BIDENOMICS
Circumstance, in modern slang SITCH
Heel CAD
Not reserve ACTIVEDUTY
___ Noël PERE
Form of birth control VASECTOMY
Nickname for Bill Clinton BUBBA
Stumbles for a speaker HAWS
Make sound REPAIR
Enlighten CLUEIN
Old fogy DOTARD
Commanders became part of it in 2022, for short THENFL
Big shot BELT
A whole bunch RAFTS
It's bound to run in the third quarter FALLISSUE
Number before nove OTTO
"Still the Same ___ Me" (George Jones album) OLE
Crimean Peninsula resort in W.W. II history YALTA
Restroom sign GENTS
Some arcade habitués PINBALLERS
University stores ENDOWMENTS
Like most depositions ORAL
Someone who can't stand working? DESKPERSON
"Not for me" PASS


___ Graves (Bond villain in "Die Another Day") GUSTAV
Wool source ALPACA
Does some further editing on RECUTS
Rocky wears one in his famous training montage BEANIE
Book that originated the phrase "skin of my teeth" JOB
"Nothing makes sense anymore!" UPISDOWN
Dead ringers? MEDIUMS
Excited reaction at trivia night OHOH
For whom the gymnast Nadia Comaneci won gold in 1976: Abbr. ROM
Place to get a smoothie JUICEBAR
"For your consideration" campaign OSCARBID
Partnership agreement? YESDEAR
Cooks from the box? TVCHEFS
Amazon area ETAIL
Stage of metamorphosis PUPA
Bookmaker's concern BETTING
___ Rhubarb, foil for the Katzenjammer Kids of old comics ROLLO
Many a 900 number CHATLINE
Some defensive football players LEFTENDS
"The Sickness ___ Death" (Kierkegaard book) UNTO
Italian painter Andrea DELSARTO
Marched en masse TROOPED
Supporting strips in construction BATTENS
Worker who processes wool FULLER
#3 hit with the lyric "Ain't no law against it yet" SHEBOP
State bordering Arizona and New Mexico SONORA
Radicals ULTRAS
Group with the 1961 hit "Rama Lama Ding Dong," with "the" EDSELS
___ d'Or PALME
Harsh cry YAWP
Derek ___, former president of Harvard BOK
ID since 1935 SSN
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