New York Times Crossword Answers February 14, 2021

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Author: Lisa Bunker
Editor: Will Shortz


Percussion instrument in a marching band SNAREDRUM
Prefix with sexual PAN
Prefix with sexual AMBI
Animals in a pod ORCAS
Start of a playground taunt YOMAMA
Kitchen brand with a palindromic name OXO
What an article may come with? NOUN
Drain, as from soil LEACH
Fatsis who wrote "Word Freak" STEFAN
Most feathery, as clouds WISPIEST
"Thong Song" singer, 2000 SISQO
Sharp, in a way TART
Early tie ONEALL
The ones over here THESE
In the capacity of QUA
Some Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Born yesterday, so to speak CREDULOUS
Comfy slip-on, in brief MOC
What an outstretched arm with an open palm can mean STOP
Fleet org. USN
It means business INC
Stakes BETS
Narrow TAPER
Group tour vehicle CHARTEREDBUS
Playground comeback ARESO
Build up HYPE
Sci-fi publisher of "Ender's Game" and "The Wheel of Time" TOR
Popular beer brand, briefly PBR
With 3-Down, one of the Avengers CAPTAIN
___ smear PAP
Reduced ONSALE
Opposite of a standing order? BESEATED
"Do me this one favor …" ALLIASK
French vineyards CRUS
Contrariwise VICEVERSA
North African capital CAIRO
Nongendered, as language: Abbr. NEUT
Kind of dash HUNDREDYARD
Best Supporting Actor winner for "Dallas Buyer's Club" JAREDLETO
Prefix with friendly ECO
Rules out? ANARCHY
West Coast beer brand, in brief OLY
"___ ruled the world …" IFI
Capital of Yemen SANAA
Kind of modern office plan OPENFLOOR
Smell of a rose ATTAR
Smell of a rosé NOSE
___ Fridays TGI
Barrister's deg. LLD
Bench tool VISE
Quibble NIT
Student's bonus points EXTRACREDIT
Drawn-out campaigns SIEGES
When doubled, another name for dorado MAHI
Call ___ night ITA
Eighth letter THETA
British tennis champ who invented the sweatband FREDPERRY
___ impasse ATAN
Guardian spirits GENII
Especially NOTLEAST
Soubise sauce is made from them ONIONS
Greenish-brown HAZEL
___ cake (dim sum dish) TARO
Suffix with social ITE
"Wheel of Fortune" freebies RSTLNE
Label for Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes STAX
Latin king REX
Sea lion, for one EAREDSEAL


Word with sound or solar SYSTEM
See 57-Across AMERICA
Subsequent versions REDRAFTS
Thurman of "Kill Bill" UMA
Word before and after "a" MANO
Kind of symmetry AXIAL
A pretty capable sort NOSLOUCH
Singer DiFranco ANI
Big name in bubbly MOET
Small woodland songbird BUSHTIT
"Town square for the global village of tomorrow," per Bill Gates INTERNET
Jimmy of the Daily Planet OLSEN
L.L. Bean competitor REI
Medieval helmet CASQUE
Exonerate ACQUIT
Prime snorkeling spots SHOALS
Like many stuffed animals PLUSHY
PX shopper NCO
The Quran, for one SACREDBOOK
Mango Madness and Go Bananas, for two SNAPPLES
Ones initiating handoffs, for short QBS
Some mattresses SERTAS
Indulgence TREAT
Capital of French Polynesia PAPEETE
Show again REAIR
Caterer's container URN
A fine mesh this is! SIEVE
Debussy prelude inspired by a water sprite ONDINE
Outcast PARIAH
Out of focus BLURRY
Surface anew, say RESOD
Post production CEREAL
Without a doubt ASSUREDLY
Turkish officers PASHAS
Instrument in "O! Susannah" BANJO
They'll be mist AEROSOLS
Super Bowl of 2022 LVI
Place with robes and sweaters SAUNA
Seasick sea serpent of old cartoons CECIL
Bank posting CDRATE
Words after throwing a ball GOFETCH
Unbalance TIP
Packaging list INGREDIENTS
"L'chaim!" TOLIFE
(a, b), e.g. ORDEREDPAIR
Anthem contraction OER
Suit perfectly FITTOAT
France from France ANATOLE
Singer who founded Fenty Beauty RIHANNA
What ponies express? NEIGHS
Field-plowing duo OXTEAM
Poem piece STANZA
Notable point in geometry VERTEX
U.N. member since 1949: Abbr. ISR
Glittery decoration TINSEL
Listing ATILT
Beau ___ GESTE
Ones with plenty of reservations MAITREDS
Blade brand ATRA
Days of old YORE
Suffix with court or cash IER
Deli supply LOX
Surveillance org. NSA
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