New York Times Crossword Answers February 16, 2021

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Author: Johanna Fenimore
Editor: Will Shortz


Supremely cool person BADASS
Prime Cuts dog food brand ALPO
Do something ACT
"Game of Thrones" actress Clarke EMILIA
Shape, as clay MOLD
What truth is said to be the first casualty of WAR
Stop before it can grow bigger NIPINTHEBUD
Ernst & Young employee, in brief CPA
Martini's lemon twist, e.g. ZEST
Greek god pictured with wings and a bow EROS
"Famous" cookie name AMOS
Most arias SOLI
Chicken stock, e.g. BROTH
British fashion designer who's the daughter of Linda and Sir Paul STELLAMCCARTNEY
Something a Eur. singer might embark on USTOUR
Foretell AUGUR
"I haven't a clue!" BEATSME
Club Med and others RESORTS
Where G.I.s go to shop THEPX
"Um, I guess so" OHOKAY
BĂȘte ___ (bugaboo) NOIRE
Feedbag fill OATS
___ Storm and the Hurricanes (Ringo's band before the Beatles) RORY
Skirt down to the ankles MAXI
Not the brightest bulb in the pack DOLT
Nelson Mandela's org. ANC
Long, straight-sided smoke CORONACIGAR
Brooks who directed "Blazing Saddles" MEL
Gathering clouds, to some OMEN
"I'll have a cold one, please" … or a hint to 17-, 26-, 43- and 57-Across BEERME
Lead-in to calculus PRE
Acid's opposite BASE
Acquire COMEBY


Luxury car nickname BENZ
Friend in France AMIE
Some dance moves or stock market events DIPS
Landed ALIT
Sloth or envy, it's said SIN
Plopped down SAT
"Sweet land of liberty," in song AMERICA
Timber wolf LOBO
It makes an "A" even better PLUS
Peculiar ODD
"Pretty, pretty please" AWCMON
Truman who wrote "Breakfast at Tiffany's" CAPOTE
Disreputable TRASHY
Captain's position HELM
Drink that can cause brain freeze SLUSHIE
Some crew team members OARMEN
Items often used in front of mirrors BRUSHES
Hoagie SUB
Literary monogram TSE
Airplane capt.'s announcement ETA
Mega Millions, for one LOTTERY
Mean-tempered mutt CUR
Grow too old, as for an insurance benefit AGEOUT
Org. that monitors air quality EPA
Onetime rival of MGM RKO
Chinese "way" TAO
Listing in Roget: Abbr. SYN
Popular video game console released in 2013 XBOXONE
Entrance to an interstate ONRAMP
Lunchtime tryst NOONER
Reclined LAIN
Place to see a Kandinsky or Calder MOMA
Symbol of militarism ARES
Per ___ (daily) DIEM
Figure that might give a child nightmares OGRE
Symbol of gentleness LAMB
Deuce topper TREY
Corn throwaway COB
Easy as ___ ABC
Corp. head CEO
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