New York Times Crossword Answers February 18, 2021

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Author: Zachary Spitz
Editor: Will Shortz


Pedal effect on a guitar ECHO
"Shoot" ASKME
Chuck, e.g. BEEF
Larry's housemate on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" LEON
A toast SKOAL
Hardly to be had RARE
Humblebragger's words ITRY
Parts of surround sound systems STEREOS
Socks (away) SALTS
Winner of nine Grand Slam titles SELES
Short turnaround? UIE
Capital of 52-Down ACCRA
Keister, in Leicester ARSE
Half of a sawbuck FIN
Unprincipled AMORAL
Exams for future J.D.s LSATS
Separate from all the others, say REMOTE
Urgent care provider, in brief EMT
Many P.S.A.s … or the four circled squares in this grid? TVSPOTS
Lilliputian WEE
Famous peanut grower CARTER
"Giant Brain" unveiled in 1946 ENIAC
Revolutionary icon CHE
Browns and stouts ALES
s "S.N.L." cast member OTERI
VW hatchback GTI
Dazzled INAWE
Like some libertarians ANTITAX
Broadcast personality Kelly CHOI
One drawing lots? CARTOONIST
Friends BUDS
Ciudad del ___, Paraguay ESTE
Informal meeting SESH
Pool shot with lots of spin MASSE
Place to store things SHED


Michigan congresswoman Slotkin ELISSA
Focal point CENTER
Some accommodations HOVELS
Length of a short, maybe ONEREEL
Concerning ASTO
Mountain coverings? SKISUITS
"Kitchy-kitchy-___!" KOO
Where a minister lives MANSE
Animated sister of princess Anna ELSA
"The Inbetweeners" or "Fawlty Towers" BRITCOM
Shamefully admits defeat EATSCROW
Miscalculate, say ERR
"S.N.L." head writer from 1999 to 2006 FEY
Early platform for The Legend of Zelda, for short NES
Suburb of San Diego LAMESA
Put under a microscope INSPECT
Give five stars, say RAVE
Sheltered at sea ALEE
Longtime Packers QB Brett FAVRE
Man's name that sounds like two letters of the alphabet ARTIE
Sweetener from a leaf extract STEVIA
Shoe brand originating in Denmark ECCO
Kind of Ovaltine MALT
Kodama, in Japanese mythology TREEGODS
Taking a break ONHIATUS
Certain outer coating VARNISH
Dental pointers? CANINES
Like an Oscars afterparty LAVISH
Discarded computers and the like EWASTE
Had a stimulating conversation? SEXTED
See 26-Across GHANA
"How was ___ know?" ITO
Pond film SCUM
A or B, but not Y or Z NOTE
"Mom" network CBS
Shade HUE
Some colas RCS
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