New York Times Crossword Answers February 20, 2021

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Author: Ali Gascoigne
Editor: Will Shortz


Requirement MUSTDO
Wage conflict, say PAYGAP
Things often hit during rush hour CARHORNS
"I Wish" rapper, 1995 SKEELO
Subj. of the 17th Amendment USSENATE
Bit of inside info HOTTIP
Cold War missile type SCUD
Believer in the Horned God WICCAN
Excellent ACE
Campaign figure, informally POL
Front on the waterfront PROW
Out of one's head, in slang CRAY
Sci-fi portals STARGATES
Fairy tale villain CRONE
"… unless I'm mistaken" ORNOT
Writers George and T. S. ELIOTS
"You have my vote!" ITSAYESFROMME
Jeering words after a prank IGOTYA
Things you can barely see at art galleries? NUDES
Time for an exhibition PRESEASON
Word derived from the Greek for "age" AEON
Rafter neighbor EAVE
Org. with resources on smart growth EPA
Fashion inits. YSL
Do a favor OBLIGE
Reclined LAIN
Uses a stylus on a credit card reader, e.g. ESIGNS
Role in 2012's "The Dark Knight Rises" CATWOMAN
Take on ASSUME
Really not good anymore ROTTEN
Specialty of Aristophanes SATIRE


Supporting character? MASCOT
___ von der Leyen, first female head of the European Commission, who negotiated Brexit for the E.U. URSULA
Remove one's coat? SHED
Wealth TON
It adds one point to a soccer team's standing in the English Premier League DRAW
Proceeding very, very quietly ONTIPTOE
"Poppycock!" PSHAW
Singer whose name becomes a city if you add an "R" in the middle AKON
As ___ YET
Reaction to some P.D.A. GETAROOM
Port of SE Spain ALICANTE
Restaurant chain originally called Chicken on the Run POPEYES
Borders CUSPS
Protective suits? SECRETSERVICE
Trig function COS
Sevastopol is its largest city CRIMEA
Humorist Leo who wrote "The Joys of Yiddish," 1968 ROSTEN
Shades, as with a pencil GRAYS
"The Queen's Gambit" actress ___ Taylor-Joy ANYA
Thick as thieves CLOSE
Reigns, say ERAS
"Sure, it could be" IGUESSSO
One might have a bunch of errands TODOLIST
Anticonsumerists aiming to help the environment FREEGANS
months from now INAYEAR
Homie PAL
One doing some stitching SEAMER
Methadone or oxycodone OPIATE
Kind of state NANNY
Buddy of "Barnaby Jones" EBSEN
"This one's ___" ONME
"___ Is Betta Than Evvah!" (1976 album) ETTA
Actress Petty LORI
Make extremely upset GUT
Card WIT
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