New York Times Crossword Answers January 06, 2022

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Author: Andrew Linzer
Editor: Will Shortz


Go over SPAN
Like the eventual inheritors of the earth, in Matthew MEEK
Mark of divinity HALO
A G.I. may be seen in it CAMO
Actress Fisher of "Wedding Crashers" ISLA
Brain connection AXON
Like fans who hold season tickets, typically AVID
Genre for Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle MURDERMYSTERY
Rapper ___ Nas X LIL
Kissing on the subway, e.g., for short PDA
Like some relationships SAMESEX
Baby fox KIT
Bit of Western neckwear BOLOTIE
Items on a checklist TODOS
One of two sultanates in the United Nations BRUNEI
N.B.A. legend nicknamed "Black Mamba" KOBE
Egg cells OVA
U-shaped bike accessory LOCK
Last word in an improv show SCENE
A rainbow is said to be a good one OMEN
Beseech ASK
Word with high or seven SEAS
Reach for the stars ASPIRE
No-frills BASIC
Things might get swept up in it DUSTPAN
___ jeans MOM
Early 19th-century Australia, for one PENALCOLONY
Water tower? TUGBOAT
Funny one WIT
"Funny one!" HAH
Intellectual conformity … or a hint to interpreting 17-, 22- and 51-Across GROUPTHINK
Some frills LACE
Lay off IDLE
Net emissions target ZERO
Lively, in music: Abbr. ANIM
"Wabbit" hunter Elmer FUDD
One of two sultanates in the United Nations OMAN
Right-hand page numbers, typically ODDS


Garden item frequently added to cream cheese SCALLION
World's fair sight PAVILION
Great thing to feel like AMILLIONBUCKS
Signal agreement NOD
Little bit of power MICROWATT
Funds might be held in this ESCROW
Classic boulevard liners ELMS
Boat going back and forth? KAYAK
Would really rather not HATETO
x, y and sometimes z AXES
Romulus, Remus and the founding of Rome, e.g. LORE
Jet-black gem ONYX
Cheers, boos and such CROWDNOISE
Strike down SMITE
+ or – thing POLE
Brother MONK
Boosts, redundantly HIKESUP
Time period, or an anagram of one? EON
Cup holder, usually DOMINANTHAND
"Back to you" OVER
Compos mentis SANE
Spill the beans BLAB
Detective Diaz on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" ROSA
One reading Kerouac or Ginsberg, say BEATNIK
Sleazeball CAD
Birthstone after sapphire OPAL
Inside info SCOOP
Filled (with) IMBUED
Like scouting patches SEWNON
___ ball MATZO
Tums, for one ANTACID
Country songs? ANTHEMS
End-of-week exclamation TGIF
Language of Pakistan's Daily Khabrain URDU
Top prize GOLD
"How do you like ___ apples?" THEM
Glass who shared the first-ever Pulitzer in Audio Journalism IRA
Language in which most words are monosyllabic LAO
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