New York Times Crossword Answers January 08, 2022

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Author: Freddie Cheng
Editor: Will Shortz


Number pattern named after a 17th-century French mathematician PASCALSTRIANGLE
Teddies and such INTIMATEAPPAREL
Exhausted beyond belief TOOTIREDTOTHINK
Certain acct. info SSN
Diatribes SCREEDS
Longtime distributor of James Bond movies MGM
Immersed in AMID
Business ___ HOURS
Maipo Valley exports WINES
Pings, maybe IMS
___ Gervasi, director of 2012's "Hitchcock" SACHA
Union IDs, for a performer SAGCARDS
Basic analysis? PHTEST
Market debuts, in brief IPOS
Mini-___ (small retailer) MART
One way to manage expectations AIMLOW
Eschew Uber, say TAKEACAB
More steadfast TRUER
"For once maybe someone will call me '___,' without adding, 'You're making a scene'": Homer Simpson SIR
___ Player, first Black woman to become president of a four-year college WILLA
Taking off LESS
Setting for "La Bohème" PARIS
Hominid APE
Some stylish suits ARMANIS
Measure of volume BEL
Do some modeling SETAGOODEXAMPLE
"Life is short. ___" (Jacques Torres quip) EATDESSERTFIRST
Captain's phrase STEADYASSHEGOES


Two-person log cutters PITSAWS
Loss of smell ANOSMIA
Biblical punishment STONING
Loc. ___ CIT
Marcello, Rodolfo, Colline and Schaunard, dans "La Bohème" AMIS
Turpentine-yielding conifer LARCH
Certain anti-inflammatory medicines STEROIDS
Hymns of thanksgiving TEDEUMS
Yelp reviewers, say RATERS
Shuffles and such IPODS
Rental units: Abbr. APTS
"Don't reckon so" NAH
Reaction to a really bad pun GRIMACE
Stretches LENGTHS
Lean protein ELKMEAT
Tenths, in statistics DECILES
Increased likelihood of extreme scenarios, in statistics FATTAIL
Mammal in the Soricidae family SHREW
Spreadsheet specification ROW
Golf Hall-of-Famer Se Ri ___ PAK
Only M.L.B. team never to have played in a World Series MARINERS
National geographic books? ATLASES
"Again …" IREPEAT
Small knapsack MUSETTE
Diatribes TIRADES
Certain sports instructor CLUBPRO
Whatever's left ALLELSE
Works that may require leaps of imagination? BALLETS
Savory Indian pastry SAMOSA
Uninspired, as writing PROSY
Like the most recent Pope Paul among all popes named Paul SIXTH
Seasoned AGED
Jewelry store? SAFE
Canine protection org.? ADA
Russian fighter jet MIG
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