New York Times Crossword Answers January 09, 2022

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Author: Timothy Polin
Editor: Will Shortz


Disseminated SOWN
JPEG alternative GIF
Quick-witted NIMBLE
"Forbidden fruit is the sweetest," e.g. ADAGE
Kind of writing CREATIVE
Hurting more ACHIER
Mineral used as a flame retardant BORAX
Aromatic herbal drink ANISETEA
Carmen McRae or Anita O'Day, notably JAZZVOCALIST
Disorganized RAGTAG
Sound in the Serengeti ROAR
Tying words? IDO
Horrible boss, say OGRE
Neighbor of S. Sudan ETH
Endpoint of a Shinto pilgrimage MOUNTFUJI
What's going up in Chicago? ELTRAIN
And so forth ETC
Munchkin TOT
Spade with a short handle? SAM
Morse morsel DAH
You can have a blast with this TNT
"Yes, indeedy!" YOUBET
___ volente DEO
Makes clearer, in a way DEFOGS
pop hit with a nonsensical refrain MMMBOP
Anago, on a sushi menu SEAEEL
In ___ fertilization VIVO
With 59-Across, flag bearers, for short? NFL
See 58-Across REFS
Clap back RETORT
Many moons AGES
Chaired RAN
Many, many, many moons EONS
Subj. line heading ATTN
Birthplace of five U.S. presidents, with "the" EMPIRESTATE
German title FRAU
Like discriminatory employers, often SUED
Just roll with it! DIE
See 88-Across SLIM
Eliminates, mob-style WHACKS
Driving stick? PROD
___ out a victory EKE
Pack (in) TAMP
Fracases MELEES
Start of some conventional wisdom WHENINROME
With 76-Across, Mexican business magnate who was once the world's richest person CARLOS
Means of a quick recharge CATNAP
"___ funny!" TOO
Akin to ALA
Rapper ___ Cudi or DJ ___ Loco KID
Comprehension KEN
Domain of Mars WAR
Boise-to-Spokane dir. NNW
Post-default event TAXSALE
"That's the spot" AAH
Kinda ABIT
Lunkhead OAF
Court order WRIT
Red accessory for cartoondom's Huckleberry Hound BOWTIE
Scientific contribution from 98-Down, discovered in a manner suggested by this puzzle's theme LAWOFGRAVITY
Crow's-nests, e.g. LOOKOUTS
One living in the rial world? OMANI
Lingerie fabric TRICOT
More mirthful GAYER
Defiant refusal HECKNO
___ Plaines, Ill. DES
Start of a story, in journalese LEDE


Cause of a jolt SCARE
Really busy, perhaps ORNATE
It's nothing to joke about WEIGHTYMATTER
Artist known for his lampooning cartooning NAST
Startin' place GITGO
"___ moved on" IVE
Calming words FEARNOT
Holy city near Baghdad NAJAF
Hardly a lover of hot wings? ICARUS
Radio frequency meas. MHZ
Ad or show follower BIZ
___ P. Morton, Benjamin Harrison's vice president LEVI
Lost deposits, as a bank? ERODED
Attorney's org. ABA
Sorrow DOLOR
Thank you, in Tokyo ARIGATO
Stovetop device GASRING
Breadths EXTENTS
Sled dogs, e.g. TEAM
Word in some cocktail names COLADA
Baseball's "Master Melvin" OTT
Westernmost sch. in Conference USA UTEP
Actress ___ Pinkett Smith JADA
"Er … umm …" IMEAN
Nonbinary possessive THEIR
Game show invitation COMEONDOWN
Modern lead-in to "X" UBER
Got out fast BOLTED
Tom Petty hit with the opening line "She's a good girl, loves her mama" FREEFALLIN
Rendezvous MEETUP
Nickname for Virginia GIGI
Declare AVER
Is beaten by LOSESTO
You might take a lift to one FLAT
Married mujeres: Abbr. SRAS
All-in-one purchase from a smoke shop VAPEKIT
Unforgettable, unstoppable sort FORCEOFNATURE
They're not to be trusted SNAKES
Julie who played Catwoman on old TV NEWMAR
Puzzle (out) SUSS
Personal bearing MIEN
Strong pan SLAM
Hard thing to do? TIME
German title HERR
Capital of Bangladesh DHAKA
Mushroom in miso soup ENOKI
Afterword EPILOG
Nicolas who directed "The Man Who Fell to Earth" ROEG
Lab where the Higgs boson particle was discovered CERN
Inventory CATALOG
"My Cousin Vinny" setting ALABAMA
Airport route TAXIWAY
Squealed TATTLED
Opposite of a glut DEARTH
Who was famously hit over the head with inspiration? NEWTON
Tech release of 2006 WII
Didn't act rashly, say WAITED
Words before relax or remember TRYTO
Small section of a pit OBOES
Bowl-shaped cooking vessels WOKS
German state that includes Frankfurt HESSE
Manage FARE
What's got ewe covered? WOOL
Hemlock relative FIR
Old ___ (London theater) VIC
Gag line? ICK
Spanish "hey!" OYE
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