New York Times Crossword Answers January 11, 2022

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Author: Ross Trudeau
Editor: Will Shortz


Positive particles PROTONS
Fending (off) STAVING
Precipice of exposed bedrock OUTCROP
With 18-Across, Emmy-winning "Ugly Betty" actress AMERICA
See 17-Across FERRERA
Festive French season NOEL
Goddess often depicted holding a staff of papyrus ISIS
Lunch with Skippy, briefly? PBJ
Tricky thing to get caught in LIE
Nabokov's longest novel ADA
QB Newton who popularized dabbing CAM
Ate away ERODED
Author of "An Inconvenient Truth" ALGORE
Spelling of "BH90210" TORI
Enlighten EDIFY
Deeply regrets RUES
-Across justifiers, in a saying ENDS
Year, in ancient Rome ANNUS
"The Queen's Gambit" actress Taylor-Joy ANYA
Newswoman Paula ZAHN
Remark further ADD
Sondheim's "___ the Woods" INTO
Fellows MEN
When viewed ONSIGHT
___-runner (bootlegger) RUM
One calling you out, perhaps UMP
Bunch of numbers for crunching DATASET
N.B.A.'s ___ Ming YAO
Charge FEE
Come over the top, in poker RERAISE
Certain camera, for short SLR
Journalist ___ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Path of a pop-up ARC
Threepio's "Star Wars" companion ARTOO
Site of a Massachusetts tourist shop named "Witch Way Gifts" SALEM
Nothing NIL
See 39-Across MEANS
Amazon voice assistant ALEXA
Actor Billy ___ Williams DEE
Shopping ___ SPREE


___ Tour PGA
Sleep stage, in brief REM
Unified ONE
Bird on a beach TERN
Baltimore bird ORIOLE
"Great thinking!" NICEIDEA
Common bathroom device SCALE
Bulgaria's capital SOFIA
They always come 48 hours before Thanksgiving TUESDAYS
Relating to a heart chamber ATRIAL
Some old tape players, briefly VCRS
Wrath IRE
Here/there go-between NOR
Transcript fig. GPA
Court great Sampras PETE
Prize for third place BRONZEMEDAL
Oscar-winning director of "Get Out" JORDANPEELE
Grand Ole Opry performer … or a hint to 17-/18-Across and 23- and 36-Down COUNTRYSTAR
"Can we talk privately?" AREYOUALONE
Bit of Southwest topography MESA
Share juicy gossip DISH
Clint Eastwood film "___ Torino" GRAN
Half of a double helix DNASTRAND
Grammy-winning singer of "Little Things" INDIAARIE
Chocolate treat on a stick FUDGSICLE
Rhyming descriptor for Obama NODRAMA
Groups fixing computer crashes, for short ITTEAMS
Scar's brother in "The Lion King" MUFASA
Scot's refusal NAE
"Mama ___ Crazy," 1984 hit by the Judds HES
"Superman" antagonist ___ Luthor LEX
Dem.'s opposite REP
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