New York Times Crossword Answers January 12, 2021

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Author: Ross Trudeau
Editor: Will Shortz


Fungus-filled, maybe MILDEWY
E.R. V.I.P.s MDS
"___ homo" ECCE
"Insecure" actress ISSARAE
Alley ___ (flashy basketball play) OOP
Cowboy's pal PARD
Hard deposit in a bladder KIDNEYSTONE
Bone-dry ARID
Dine EAT
Queen's realm? ANTCOLONY
They aren't what they appear to be SHAMS
Boxer's cry ARF
Base on balls WALK
Legislation often resulting from compromise BIPARTISANBILL
Placid CALM
Norm: Abbr. STD
Word in an alumnae directory, maybe NEE
Adage on the impermanence of suffering … or a hint to 18-, 29-, 46- and 61-Across THISTOOSHALLPASS
Bit in a horse's mouth? OAT
Shade HUE
Coat in winter RIME
N.F.L. signal caller PROQUARTERBACK
"Not to mention …" PLUS
Take a stab TRY
"Well, alrighty …" OKNOW
Spots for idols PEDESTALS
Timeline unit ERA
Ben & Jerry's alternative EDYS
Santa's coat? SOOT
Novelist Rand AYN
Vague comment akin to "More than you might think" ITSALOT
Burden ONUS
Disreputable newspaper RAG
Jane Pauley and Rachel Maddow TVHOSTS


Hard lemonade brand MIKES
Thomas in the Basketball Hall of Fame ISIAH
Paper you take to go on a trip? LSDTAB
"Dapper" guy DAN
"Able was I ___ I saw Elba" ERE
"No ___!" (or its response) WAY
"Without question" YES
Ocean dweller so named for its roundish, silvery body MOONFISH
Terse caution DONT
Building detail SPEC
Govt. testing site for air and water quality EPALAB
Area between Virginia and Georgia CAROLINA
Small creases, as in foil CRINKLES
Small whirlpool EDDY
Causing the lips to pucker TART
The "O" of B.Y.O.B. OWN
They get dropped for emphasis MICS
Under ___ (brand of athletic wear) ARMOUR
Greeting in Honolulu ALOHA
Like the sky on cloudless nights STARRY
Do some improv ADLIB
"___ Miz" LES
Number one, as on a chart TOP
Complained about ad nauseam HARPEDON
"Should have listened to me!" ITOLDYOU
Accepting that one can't do better SETTLING
"Wow, that's 2 funny!" LMAO
Little kiss PECK
Expeditions by knights QUESTS
___ Intrepid (N.Y.C. carrier museum) USS
Gaelic language ERSE
Protests during an anthem, say KNEELS
"… but I could be wrong" ORNOT
Bulb units WATTS
Córdoba Nicaragua :: ___
Transport up a bunny slope TBAR
Maisie Williams's role on "Game of Thrones" ARYA
In good physical shape FIT
V.J. employer, once MTV
___Kosh B'gosh OSH
Iconic Andy Warhol subject MAO
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