New York Times Crossword Answers January 15, 2022

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Author: Sam Ezersky
Editor: Will Shortz


Not straight up ASLANT
Old World bird with distinctive ear tufts EAGLEOWL
Baby's barnyard bovine MOOCOW
Sympathetic response to dissent IHEARYOU
Crashing an online meeting ZOOMBOMBING
One might be loaded DIE
Creatures whose newborns have striped bodies EMUS
Prattles GABS
Watch here! WRIST
All ___ SET
Boxy delivery vehicles of old PANELTRUCKS
London's ___ Square SOHO
Make slicker, maybe REOIL
Wined and dined, say FETED
Spiritual object TOTEM
Wiped out ATEIT
W.W. I, W.W. II, etc. ERAS
What rotates throughout the office? SWIVELCHAIR
Gold units: Abbr. KTS
Any of the Seven Dwarfs MINER
Something you might raise a flap about TENT
___ tide NEAP
Kind of drive USB
Locale 60 miles south of the California/Oregon border MOUNTSHASTA
Creator of the first pumped-up athletic shoe REEBOK
Catchphrase of Winnie-the-Pooh OHBOTHER
Popular typeface similar to Bauhaus FUTURA
"To be honest with you …" REALTALK
Out of it SPACEY
Date format on digital forms MMDDYYYY


Gets stuck, as an engine SEIZES
Youngest-ever QB to be named Super Bowl M.V.P. (2020) MAHOMES
Grow too old for AGEOUTOF
Simoleons CLAMS
Spot for a bus stop, in Bristol KERB
Get into a pose, perhaps DOYOGA
What God is, per an Ariana Grande hit AWOMAN
Cold weather layer BLUBBER
Eye-opening declaration? AMEN
One jotting down a few notes? SONGWRITER
Area for development LOT
Like apples and oranges ACIDIC
Some brief updates TWEETS
Locale for a castaway ISLET
Stick around school RULER
s fansite craze whose members joined Hogwarts houses POTTERMORE
Start of many a criticism TOO
"Ho" preceder HEAVE
Main ingredient in hitsumabushi EEL
Mirabile ___ (wonderful to say: Lat.) DICTU
Takes advantage of a situation, so to speak MAKESHAY
How things typically are THENORM
Majestic STATELY
Blue-nosed sorts? SMURFS
Get smart WISEUP
Like many apps with faulty features INBETA
Country song ANTHEM
"Things aren't looking so great" ITSBAD
Dalmatian mascot of the National Fire Protection Association SPARKY
Well-suited? NATTY
Response akin to "So what?" OKAY
Word after foot or before hands HOLD
Super Bowl champ BUC
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