New York Times Crossword Answers January 22, 2023

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Author: Garrett Chalfin
Editor: Will Shortz


Warming periods THAWS
Activates, as yeast PROOFS
Chatter GAB
Great Britain, geographically ISLE
"My ___ (You're Never Gonna Get It)," 1992 hit by En Vogue LOVIN
Not a big Mac? LAPTOP
Nail, as a test ACE
"I am not a glutton — I am an explorer of ___": Erma Bombeck FOOD
Kitchen at a barbecue restaurant? CHILIFACTORY
Potentially adoptable pup STRAYDOG
Result of a 1960s Haight-Ashbury shopping spree? HIPPIEBOOTY
It's in your blood GENE
Play parts SCENES
Ones coming "home" at homecoming ALUMS
Quick-moving BRISK
Corp. shake-ups REORGS
Highly visible belly button? POINTYOUTIE
Up to, informally TIL
Actress Fisher of "Now You See Me" ISLA
Curious in the extreme AGOG
Streamlet RILL
Good friend who won't stop snooping? NOSYBESTIE
The first one was built in 1925 in San Luis Obispo, Calif. MOTEL
What to add to "Iraq" to make it adjectival ANI
Subwoofer sound BASS
Jhumpa ___, author of the Pulitzer-winning "Interpreter of Maladies" LAHIRI
Take a load off REST
Some cameras, in brief SLRS
SETI subjects UFOS
Language in which "puzzle" is "pid sa" LAO
Burnable media CDS
Prenuptial agreement? SWEETIETREATY
"Geaux Tigers!" sch. LSU
Be an agent for REP
Feature of Sylvester's speech LISP
Comedian Rudolph MAYA
Taiwanese president ___ Ing-wen TSAI
Skateboard tricks OLLIES
Went 90, say SPED
___ Tac (mint) TIC
Throat bug STREP
Long anecdote from a complainer? WHINYSTORY
Italian mount ETNA
Astronomer Sagan CARL
Takes a load off SITS
One with an underground colony ANT
Tinker Bell or Puck? CRAFTYFAIRY
Fruit-based dessert … or a possible description of its flavor TART
"Sorry to say, you guessed wrong" ALASNO
What many clocks and card games have HANDS
Whence feng shui CHINA
Skiing areas SLOPES
Didn't give forever LENT
Bad person for a gambler to make bets with? PHONYBOOKIE
Plant with purple-pink flowers HEATHER
Rustic abode LOGCABIN
Acolyte with a bad temper? TESTYGROUPIE
Part of Q.E.D. ERAT
Cozy stopover INN
Nueva York, por ejemplo ESTADO
Word with code or rehearsal DRESS
Cozy spots DENS
It appears blue as a result of Rayleigh scattering SKY
Chimes and dimes vis-à-vis this clue's answer RHYMES
Difficult to climb, in a way STEEP


Trio with the 1995 #1 hit "Waterfalls" TLC
Jolly laugh HOHO
Passionate AVID
Fragrant medicinal plant also called colic-root WILDGINGER
Most snarky SNIDEST
Finish second PLACE
Something to hang your hat on RACK
Elect OPT
Plains tribe OTO
Not to go FORHERE
Bugging people, perhaps SPYING
Displays of shock GASPS
Start to play? ACTI
Put on no pretensions BEREAL
"Fine by me" IFYOUWISH
Sin city SODOM
Commits piracy LOOTS
Avant-garde EDGY
"My name is Prince, and I am ___" (Prince lyric) FUNKY
Proficient ABLE
Sauces made with basil and pine nuts PESTOS
Songs to be played at a concert SETLIST
Slinky, e.g. COIL
Sales promotion acronym BOGO
Downfall RUIN
Shifty SLY
"The Office" role PAM
Gives a grand speech ORATES
It's up for debate ISSUE
Alternative to sparkling STILL
Turkish money LIRAS
Letters found in a so-called "supervocalic" word AEIOU
"Yuck!" NASTY
Spots on a Rorschach card BLOTS
They don't require much study EASYAS
Stahl of "60 Minutes" LESLEY
I'm toast! BREAD
Like chicken cordon bleu, originally SWISS
British sailor, in slang LIMEY
One who's rolling in money FATCAT
Is exultant CROWS
City of 16+ million straddling the Yamuna River DELHI
-10, e.g., in bowling SPLIT
Big name in printing EPSON
Plants used in wickerwork furniture RATTANS
"Worth a try" ITCANTHURT
Gut feelings INSTINCTS
Bit of hype, informally PRTALK
Scoop INFO
Worry for a speakeasy RAID
Slips up ERRS
Layer PLY
Parlor offering, for short TAT
Language in which "puzzle" is "puzal" ERSE
"Is that understood?" CAPEESH
"Is that understood?" YHEAR
State of uneasiness, informally FANTODS
Seton who wrote "Dragonwyck" ANYA
Prayer leaders RABBIS
Hang around LOITER
Taking out the trash, for one CHORE
Navajo dwelling HOGAN
One of the Corleones SONNY
Interlocking bricks LEGOS
Made a case PLED
Word that may come from a pen OINK
___ Park, home to the University of Chicago HYDE
One-on-one Olympics event EPEE
"All ___!" RISE
Farm structure STY
Top part of Scotland? TAM
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" feeling ESP
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