New York Times Crossword Answers January 23, 2023

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Author: Adrian Johnson
Editor: Will Shortz


House overhang EAVE
Sci. class that might have controlled explosions CHEM
Look at rudely OGLE
Holey shoe CROC
Camera setting for novice photographers AUTO
Cartoon brother of Dewey and Louie HUEY
Heaven's opposite HELL
, for the set [2, 4, 6, 8] MEAN
Be philanthropic GIVE
Not delayed ONTIME
Crystal-filled rocks GEODES
Device with Rewind and Fast Forward functions TAPERECORDER
Aid for squeezing into a tight piece of footwear SHOEHORN
Extreme point in the Arctic or Antarctic POLE
World Cup cheers OLES
Store sign displayed from 9 to 6, say OPEN
"If you ask me …," online IMO
True or false, on a true/false test ANSWER
Promise in front of a judge IDO
Unsaid yet understood TACIT
Have dinner at home EATIN
Glass frequently used for toasting the New Year CHAMPAGNEFLUTE
Two quarters HALF
Wet forecast RAIN
Meat of the matter GIST
Advice to a musician with a 23-, 26- or 43-Across? DONTBLOWIT
Egyptian counterpart of Hades and Pluto OSIRIS
Deals from the bottom or marks cards, say CHEATS
Lack of seriousness about a serious situation LEVITY
Juicy bits of info DEETS
Future therapist's major, for short PSYCH


"HELLO … Hello … hello …" effect ECHO
"Well, ___ you clever?!" ARENT
Alessandro who invented the electric battery VOLTA
High-level cover-up? ECLIPSE
Country between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea CAMEROON
Shade of color HUE
Prediction of a flight tracker app, for short ETA
African mammal that's resistant to snake venom MONGOOSE
"What a terrible, awful idea!" OHGODNO
Tour leader GUIDE
Bar used on a fulcrum LEVER
"Blinkers" or "peepers" EYES
Passable, at best MEH
Make a mistake ERR
Jellied fish in some British pies EELS
Enjoy, as gum CHEW
Marketing spiel PITCH
Largest city in Nebraska OMAHA
Neighborhood spot for cheap booze LOCALDIVE
So-called "master gland" of the endocrine system PITUITARY
Revises, as an essay EDITS
Nine-person combo NONET
Sports org. for Nadal and Djokovic ATP
Official with a whistle REF
"Sounds good to me" IMFORIT
Capital of Africa's largest country ALGIERS
Pretentious ARTSY
Gift of ___ GAB
Zero, in a soccer result NIL
Cain's eldest son ENOCH
Tiny faults NITS
Beat decisively, informally WHUP
Aged OLD
"Catch my drift?" SEE
Tic-___-toe TAC
[Excuse me, this is a library …!] SHH
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