New York Times Crossword Answers January 24, 2023

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Author: Aaron M. Rosenberg and Jeff Chen
Editor: Will Shortz


Luxuriate BASK
Bread that may be stuffed with shawarma PITA
Moves like a dog's tail WAGS
Clamp that transposes a guitar's pitch CAPO
"Hurry! We're late!" CMON
Horse, in Latin EQUUS
Unfair dig in an argument CHEAPSHOT
"We ___ please" AIMTO
Actress Ward of "CSI: NY" and "FBI" SELA
Choose ELECT
Red October in "The Hunt for Red October," e.g. SUB
San Francisco neighborhood with the GLBT Historical Society Museum, with "the" CASTRO
"I'm not THAT gullible!" OHSURE
"Not feeling it" NAH
Witnessed SEEN
One pitching in HELPER
Scratch like an unhappy tabby CLAWAT
Sci-fi or horror GENRE
Challenge for a translator, maybe IDIOM
What free TV usually comes with ADS
Elephant of children's literature BABAR
"Me too!" SODOI
Quick plunge DIP
Sky-blue AZURE
Cataclysm in the lore of many world cultures FLOOD
Space missions that collect data without landing FLYBYS
Professional occupation CAREER
Actor ___ Patrick Harris NEIL
Article of cricket equipment BAT
Opposed (to) AVERSE
Distilled coal product used to preserve wood TAROIL
Maya who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial LIN
Some travel packages TOURS
Roughly half of binary code ONES
Unleavened Passover staple MATZO
On again, as a flame or romance REIGNITED
Oktoberfest vessel STEIN
Swanky party GALA
In the area NEAR
Upper hand EDGE
Ice cream brand EDYS
Green that might go in a smoothie KALE


Include covertly in an email thread BCC
Sounds of bliss AAHS
Electronic device for a person with voice impairment SPEECHAID
Eucalyptus-eating "bear" KOALA
Mac alternatives PCS
Egotist's "The party can start now!" IMHERE
Response from someone who merely glanced at an online post, maybe TOOLONGDIDNTREAD
Poker buy-in ANTE
What a U.F.O. might turn out to be WEATHERBALLOON
E.P.A. pollution stat AQI
Clogs, as a machine or process GUMSUP
Surgeon's stitch SUTURE
Clearheaded SOBER
Go through one of life's significant moments PASSAMILESTONE
Journalist/political analyst Nate COHN
Vietnamese New Year TET
Long-running CBS police drama NCIS
Designer Gucci ALDO
Low-frequency speaker WOOFER
Mind reader's ability, in brief ESP
Hubbub ADO
Beverage mixed with tapioca pearls … or a description of this puzzle's circled letters? BUBBLETEA
One of the Starks on "Game of Thrones" ARYA
Breather REST
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Christmas tree FIR
Quiets CALMS
Pilot a plane AVIATE
Like apartments and many tuxedos RENTED
With little effort EASILY
Bold way to solve a sudoku ININK
Impulse URGE
Notary public's authorizing stamp SEAL
Sharp turn ZIG
Nitrous oxide, e.g. GAS
"Dr." who performed at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show DRE
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