New York Times Crossword Answers July 03, 2020

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Author: Hal Moore
Editor: Will Shortz


Abbr. in some job titles ASST
Sustain FUEL
Singles player in the 1950s PHONO
One might be drawn BATH
___ talk IDLE
Indulge HUMOR
Spread unit ACRE
Ingredient in some Italian sauces ROMATOMATO
Fine-tune SHARPEN
Breakout console ATARI
Where Prince Kuhio Day is celebrated HAWAII
Element that burns with a green flame BORON
Pillage and plunder MARAUD
Hearst mag founded in 1886 COSMO
Heartache WOE
It doesn't follow NONSEQUITUR
Author/TV personality who wrote "Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park" ANTHONYBOURDAIN
Swear words? SCOUTSHONOR
Tech ___ BRO
Pasta variety PENNE
The world, to ambitious types OYSTER
Los ___, Calif. GATOS
Toughens INURES
BP brand AMOCO
Beatles hit about "a man who thought he was a loner" GETBACK
"This is just wonderful!" IMINHEAVEN
Present time, for short BDAY
Hustler's game MONTE
What Carnival precedes LENT
Its anthem is "Amhrán na bhFiann" EIRE
Record component PRIOR
Lets go AXES
They're found in most clothes closets RODS


Put to shame ABASH
Satirist ___ Baron Cohen SACHA
One might be drawn STRAW
Pokers, e.g. FIREIRONS
Soba alternative UDON
Victim of a bark beetle attack ELM
Open field LEA
Light-induced flow of electric charge PHOTOCURRENT
Like many sci-fi aliens HUMANOID
Poet Khayyám OMAR
"Me? Never!" NOTI
Top medalla ORO
Gravel alternative TAR
Coach for the bench players? PIANOTEACHER
Some restaurant staffers BUSBOYS
Classical theaters ODEONS
"Moving right along …" ANYHOO
Shot in the dark STAB
"Studies in the Sierra" author MUIR
"Yes ___?" ORNO
Marvel superhero with the power to shrink, with "the" WASP
Almost never ONCE
Where Ian Fleming spent much of the 1920s ETON
Division outcomes QUOTIENTS
Pitcher's push-off point RUBBER
Corn spot TOE
Invention of Guglielmo Marconi RADIO
Modern party planning aid ECARD
Long-haired terriers SKYES
"De ___ y de Sombra" (Isabel Allende novel) AMOR
British car MINI
___ therapy GENE
Little devil IMP
Resembling ALA
Needle or nettle VEX
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