New York Times Crossword Answers July 20, 2021

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Author: Sam Buchbinder
Editor: Will Shortz


Part of a sandal THONG
Dampens WETS
Camera type, for short SLR
Canadian boor HOSER
Marisa of "My Cousin Vinny" TOMEI
Principle of Confucianism TAO
"I give up!" UNCLE
"Grrrr!" IMMAD
Rock music style EMO
Kind of headlight on older cars SEALEDBEAM
One way around Disneyland TRAM
Earn copious amounts of RAKEIN
Still-life vessels EWERS
___ Arbor, Mich. ANN
Observation deck feature not for the squeamish GLASSFLOOR
Almost unfathomably large number GOOGOL
Stay outdoors overnight with some of the comforts of home GLAMP
Brought to a close ENDED
City on the Rhône LYON
Bread producers? ATMS
One of the R's in R&R REST
Nincompoop SIMP
Pair of cymbals in a drum set HIHAT
Like a landscape after a volcanic eruption ASHEN
High-flying sharpshooter AIRACE
Stored deeply and securely INTHEVAULT
President pro ___ TEM
H.S. class for science whizzes APBIO
Leaves … or cleaves SPLITS
Fellow CHAP
Chocolaty treats that you might "break me off a piece of" KITKATBARS
Jerry's partner in cartoondom TOM
One who says "You wish!"? GENIE
"The Jungle Book" bear BALOO
Off-roader, in brief ATV
___ Jackson, title character in Rick Riordan books PERCY
It's a long story ILIAD
Soak (up) SOP
Chimps and bonobos APES
Secluded valleys GLENS


Perfect, as skills HONE
Leonardo DiCaprio received four of them before winning OSCARNODS
___ Larsen, Harlem Renaissance novelist NELLA
Uranus, but not Neptune GREEKGOD
Olympic sport whose all-around competition is composed of the last parts of 19-, 26-, 44- and 52-Across WOMENSGYMNASTICS
Actress Watson of the Harry Potter films EMMA
___ U.S.A. TEAM
Old-time comic Caesar SID
Something a couple of speakers can provide STEREO
Actress Hedy of old Hollywood LAMARR
Parts of accusations in Clue ROOMS
Shinbone TIBIA
Farmer's place? DELL
It loses to three of a kind TWOPAIR
Furniture wood ELM
Golden ___ AGER
Hog food SLOP
Cheery sort? FAN
Be rewarded, as for waitressing GETATIP
Actor Schreiber LIEV
Defensive spray MACE
Academic acronym STEM
"That's all ___ wrote" SHE
Became a huge success HITITBIG
HBO competitor SHO
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Bygone holder of Apple pics IPHOTO
LeBron James or Stephen Curry, once, in brief NBAMVP
Aid in scrolling to the top UPKEY
Play the role of ACTAS
Kids' batting game TBALL
Retain KEEP
Concerning INRE
Equine color ROAN
Lays the groundwork? SODS
.0 is a good one GPA
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