New York Times Crossword Answers July 30, 2020

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Author: Joel Fagliano
Editor: Will Shortz


& 5. Fiancée WIFETOBE
& 14. Recyclable metal SCRAPIRON
& 16. Real estate showing OPENHOUSE
& 18. It's all downhill from here FALLLINE
& 20. Graphic artist's medium INDIAINK
& 22. Something neat, with "the" BEESKNEES
& 25. Pasties, e.g. MEATPIES
& 27. Close with a handle PULLSHUT
& 32. Partisan divide, so to speak THEAISLE
& 35. Exhausts TIRESOUT
& 37. Bunny hill, for one SKISLOPE
& 41. "Hang on …" WAITASEC
& 43. Some perfume ingredients ROSEOILS
& 46. What a considerate speaker tries to strike GOODTONE
& 49. Toppled by the wind BLOWNDOWN
& 54. Appropriate ratio for this puzzle? TWOTOONE
& 56. Raised one's paddle, say MADEABID
& 58. Quaker in the woods ASPENTREE
& 60. Ones whose livelihoods are derived from agriculture or forestry work LANDUSERS
& 62. Some retirement savings NESTEGGS


Connection you might miss while flying? WIFI
Charter member of OPEC IRAN
Genre for Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez FOLKMUSIC
Photo lab request: Abbr. ENL
Rental availability sign TOLET
Boy on "The Andy Griffith Show" OPIE
$100 bills, in slang BENS
Chemical suffix that's also a direction ENE
Perform brilliantly SHINE
Items set up in agility drills CONES
"Wow, no manners!" RUDE
Warts and all ASIS
Smallest hail size, about a quarter-inch in diameter PEA
Hayride seats BALES
High flier KITE
Approximate shape of the British pound sign ELL
Baby food form PUREE
Fish with a pointed snout PIKE
Remained in effect STOOD
Source of power for a golf swing HIPS
Holder of a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc. TOILETBAG
Shacks HUTS
Ticket abbr. that's found inside "ticket abbr." ETA
Buffoon ASS
Faint from emotion SWOON
___ Hubbard, Scientology founder LRON
French department that borders Switzerland AIN
Sort who's lost all hope GONER
Jesse who broke three world records in 45 minutes OWENS
Message that can be favorited TWEET
"Like a ___!" BOSS
Easy run LOPE
Choice in a sleepover game DARE
Extolling poetry ODES
Turkey piece WING
Casino calculation ODDS
Greek consonant TAU
Any of the Sierra Nevadas: Abbr. MTN
Sierra Nevada, e.g. ALE
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