New York Times Crossword Answers June 02, 2021

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Author: Jesse Goldberg
Editor: Will Shortz


*Graveyard sight HEAD
*Emerald or ruby BIRTH
*Ring centerpiece GEM
Jet stream direction EAST
Word with one or other EVERY
Man found in America? ERIC
Deadly snakes ASPS
"Peanuts" boy LINUS
Brit's "Nonsense!" TOSH
Bourbon substitute RYE
Delight GLEE
Tear sheet? TISSUE
Dangerous juggling props TORCHES
Marshy area FEN
Country whose flag has two blue stripes and a star: Abbr. ISR
Quiets down HUSHES
Tree cover BARK
Anthem contraction OER
Nirvana's "Smells Like ___ Spirit" TEEN
Org. seeking alien life SETI
___ Murray, two-time Wimbledon champ ANDY
Historic inn commemorated during Pride Month, as suggested by this puzzle's border answers STONEWALL
Political suffix CRAT
Fillable flatbread PITA
Persist LAST
Western treaty grp. OAS
Section of a wine list REDS
H.S. class whose students might cook HOMEEC
G.O.P. org. RNC
Binary digit ONE
Binary question YESORNO
Tokyo's airport NARITA
Vegetable also called ladies' fingers OKRA
"There's the ___" RUB
Discharge EMIT
Weight on the Isle of Wight TONNE
Hurtful remark BARB
Overcharges, so to speak ROBS
Skywalker's droid, informally ARTOO
First-year legal student, familiarly ONEL
*Pennsylvania state symbol KEY
*Kind of building seen on "Sesame Street" BROWN
*Magnetite LODE


*Online card game with over 100 million players HEARTH
Infield pop-up, say EASYOUT
Rehab woe, for short DTS
Debutantes, say BELLES
Elite eight IVIES
Actress Russo RENE
play about Capote TRU
Widespread panic HYSTERIA
Grasps GETS
Beach problem EROSION
Like the words "literally" and "ironic," often MISUSED
*Pit that's spit CHERRY
War of 1812 treaty site GHENT
Fingerprinting need INK
Where the heart is CHEST
Ruling on a point of Islamic law FATWA
Borscht base BEETS
Mocking SNIDE
Davy Crockett died defending it ALAMO
Start tallying your drink orders, say OPENATAB
Literature Nobelist Mario Vargas ___ LLOSA
*Vital piece CORNER
Behaved uncontrollably RANAMOK
Attribute ASCRIBE
Spicy Mexican pepper SERRANO
Like many veteran professors TENURED
Decay ROT
This point forward HEREON
*Quaint street material COBBLE
"See what I mean?," informally YKNOW
Teeny ITSY
Aware of ONTO
Defenseman who scored a Stanley Cup-winning "flying goal" ORR
Neighbor of Brazil: Abbr. BOL
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