New York Times Crossword Answers June 03, 2021

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Author: Kyra Wilson and Sophia Maymudes
Editor: Will Shortz


Stirs in ADDS
Signature Obama legislation, briefly ACA
It's no free ride CAB
British trunk BOOT
Leavened flatbread NAAN
High pitch LOB
Quite green ECOSAVVY
Furniture also called hassocks OTTOMANS
Low-cal pub offering LITEBEER
Tractor maker DEERE
Tired and bored JADED
Literally, "earth" TERRA
Member of an ancient Jewish sect ESSENE
Dings on a record LOSSES
Exhaust one's funds for betting TAPOUT
NiƱa companion PINTA
Catchphrase on "The Simpsons" AYCARAMBA
Gobble (up) SNARF
"Are you sure about that?" REALLY
Inits. for a trip LSD
___ pals GAL
Word with gender or age GAP
Pub offering ALE
State with more than half of Mexico's Indigenous language speakers OAXACA
"I can be of service!" USEME
Like bad apples and sour grapes? IDIOMATIC
Pound-bound hound, say STRAY
Seen a lot COMMON
Fixes, as a hem RESEWS
Peace in Saudi Arabia SALAAM
Top story ATTIC
Currently airing ONNOW
Grown-up pupper DOGGO
Hauls into court ARRAIGNS
Some asylum seekers REFUGEES
Come out again REEMERGE
Material in some vaccines RNA
Rest stops INNS
Supply center? PEES
Alternative to the euro: Abbr. USD
Pay stub inits. YTD
Profession for Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde": Abbr. ATTY


One end of a cell ANODE
Candlelit dinners for four, say DOUBLEDATES
[How boring] SNORE
In the style of ALA
If, and or but: Abbr. CONJ
Biblical name repeated in a Faulkner title ABSALOM
Relatives of glockenspiels CELESTAS
Things that are far from basic? ACIDS
Phony internet persona, often BOT
Honey BABE
React to a gut punch, perhaps DOUBLEOVER
TV host Banks TYRA
Takes effect SETSIN
Kind of health MENTAL
Strengthen one's commitment … and a hint to four answers in this puzzle DOUBLEDOWN
Title on "Downton Abbey" EARL
Mini-albums, for short EPS
Curry made with hoof meat PAYA
Pester constantly NAGAT
___ Paige Johnson, co-creator of TV's "Blue's Clues" TRACI
Company advertised by a quack? AFLAC
Mythical giant with 100 50-Downs ARGUS
Brewery supply YEAST
Bit of high jinks CAPER
Bad fortune DOOM
Able to practice, in a way LICENSED
Singer Tori AMOS
Legendary home of Kubla Khan XANADU
"Peanuts" character with glasses MARCIE
See 34-Down EYE
"My bad" IMSORRY
Bops or hits, say SONGS
Sayings attributed to Jesus LOGIA
Spy with questionable loyalty DOUBLEAGENT
Covered in some green growth MOSSY
Influential D.C. lobby AARP
Hotel chain operated by Hilton DOUBLETREE
Alpo competitor IAMS
Took a turn WENT
"Despicable Me" antihero GRU
Silly Bandz or Webkinz, once FAD
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