New York Times Crossword Answers June 05, 2021

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Author: Peter Wentz
Editor: Will Shortz


Basketball game in an arcade POPASHOT
Bad spot for a date? PIMPLE
Death stare EVILLOOK
Bug's place? INARUG
Popular dish in Seville GAZPACHO
Kind of duck PEKING
___ Morris, lead character on TV's "Saved by the Bell" ZACK
Expecting, informally PREGGO
Heavy metal band that earned a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019 BLACKSABBATH
Bar food TAPAS
Palter LIE
Third-tier caste member in "Brave New World" GAMMA
Low stats for some M.V.P. winners ERAS
Newspaper designer's responsibility PAGELAYOUT
Inspired stuff AIR
Qualities in music TIMBRES
Brand of cashmere pronounced "say" TSE
Climactic court moment MATCHPOINT
Actress Seehorn of "Better Call Saul" RHEA
R&B group ___ Hill DRU
Sta4nce, for instance REBUS
Took things to a whole new level UPPEDTHEGAME
NorCal daily SACBEE
Assessment, for short EVAL
"My schedule permitting" IFICAN
Nail-biter THRILLER
Explosive cited in "Hamlet" PETARD
Qualifying phrase IBELIEVE
Some ice cream orders SWIRLS
Fly from Honolulu to Tokyo, say LOSEADAY


Marker in the game Battleship PEG
Ingredients in Caesar's salads? OVA
Social event in which the food is usually ordered in PIZZAPARTY
Sources of hypoallergenic fiber ALPACAS
Casual wear SLACKS
"You're in such trouble!" OOH
Ringside call TKO
Prince William's sister-in-law PIPPA
It won't react well INERTGAS
Take advantage of the situation MAKEHAY
Moralizing sort PRIG
Pulmonologist's study LUNG
Toaster Strudel alternative EGGO
They're brought in for starters BTEAMS
Aid in rounding up LARIAT
Like some desserts ALAMODE
'2" children's character BIGBIRD
Bar tidbit BEERNUT
Postponed indefinitely MOTHBALLED
Sight along the National Mall in Washington MUSEUM
Unstressed ATEASE
Spot on a face PIP
Cause for a replay LET
Steinbeck novella THEPEARL
Commuter's amenity CLUBCAR
They're fit for a king REGALIA
Rail against REVILE
Has yet to be decided PENDS
Opening of a toaster HERES
Tests one's spirit? SIPS
Not lots AFEW
Credit card name CITI
As late as TIL
World's first TV channel to be transmitted via satellite HBO
NASA spacewalk, for short EVA
Palpatine's granddaughter in "Star Wars" films REY
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