New York Times Crossword Answers June 07, 2021

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Author: Erika Ettin
Editor: Will Shortz


Come ___ with (accompany) ALONG
Cover for a smartphone CASE
Lines at the cash register, for short? UPCS
___ Day (September observance) LABOR
Vizio or Panasonic product HDTV
Snow clearer PLOW
Sleuth for hire PRIVATEEYE
___ chips (Hawaiian snack) TARO
Poem of praise ODE
Angel's instrument HARP
Entrance hall FOYER
Perform an act of kindness, in a way PAYITFORWARD
Kind of seeds on a bagel SESAME
Musk of SpaceX ELON
Actor Wilson of "Wedding Crashers" OWEN
___ Peninsula, area above Singapore MALAY
Gorilla APE
Gives the go-ahead OKS
Desi of "I Love Lucy" ARNAZ
George Washington bills ONES
Popular berry ACAI
What loves company, in a saying MISERY
It might catch a thief or a speeder HIDDENCAMERA
President after Washington ADAMS
Library item BOOK
Dance style for Bill Robinson or Gregory Hines TAP
Jeans maker Strauss LEVI
Be willing to accept whatever … or a hint to the ends of 17-, 23-, 36- and 46-Across ROLLWITHIT
Bear's retreat LAIR
Skating leap AXEL
Crunchy, colorful commercial candies NERDS
Otherwise ELSE
Bloody GORY
Stuck (to) GLUED


Brand for Rover ALPO
Cooking grease LARD
Annual drama award OBIE
Election mo. NOV
Kind of cracker needed for a proper s'more GRAHAM
Paris sweetheart CHERI
Thoroughly proficient ADEPT
Mudhole STY
Garden of Eden woman EVE
Train direction from Manhattan to the Bronx UPTOWN
Spanish beach PLAYA
Tool for preparing apples CORER
Weapon in a scabbard SWORD
Actor Diggs TAYE
Cold treat with a rhyming name FROYO
Window square PANE
"___ Navidad" FELIZ
Snowman in "Frozen" OLAF
London theater district SOHO
Furry "Star Wars" creature EWOK
-1, 4-6 and 7-6, in tennis SETS
Frenzied MANIC
Montgomery's state: Abbr. ALA
Hathaway of "The Devil Wears Prada" ANNE
Where boats tie up PIER
"Piece of cake!" EASY
Shoestrings LACES
Commercial lead-in to Apple CRAN
Parks of Montgomery ROSA
Idolize, say ADMIRE
___ Mix, brand for Whiskers MEOW
Bothering IRKING
Popular Berry HALLE
Perfect IDEAL
Tennis's ___ Cup DAVIS
More up to the task ABLER
"Good Golly, Miss ___" MOLLY
Kind of traffic, familiarly THRU
Helper AIDE
Possible condition for a war vet, for short PTSD
Cloth for cleaning RAG
Kitchen utensil brand OXO
Abbr. on a business card TEL
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