New York Times Crossword Answers June 09, 2021

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Author: Byron Walden
Editor: Will Shortz


Some dash mounts CAMS
Prepare for the long haul? GASUP
Juul, e.g. VAPE
First person? ADAM
Cropped up AROSE
Musk of 45-Across ELON
Puerto ___ RICO
Condition better known as anemia TIREDBLOOD
Kibitzing passenger BACKSEATDRIVER
With it, in old slang HEP
Two-syllable cheer OLE
Glistens with shimmering colors IRIDESCES
Jazz style that influenced the Beat Generation BEBOP
Mauna ___ LOA
Baseball stats OUTS
Disney princess who shares a name with a Shakespeare character ARIEL
The "A" of M.M.A. ARTS
Blabbing informant STOOLPIGEON
Prey of a murder hornet BEE
Maker of the Model S and Model 3 TESLA
Best Comeback Athlete, for one ESPYAWARD
Abbreviation that can replace an ellipsis ETC
Courtly title SIR
Dilettantish know-it-all ARMCHAIREXPERT
Hercules on his first labor, or Hemingway on safari LIONHUNTER
Nobel laureate Wiesel ELIE
Golden calf, e.g. IDOL
World of Warcraft enthusiast, for one GAMER
Bone on the pinkie side of the forearm ULNA
Courtly title LADY
Flexible Flyer products SLEDS
Products of Always or Stayfree PADS


Low-___ diet CARB
Sarah McLachlan hit that's 51-Down spelled in reverse ADIA
Espressos "stained" with a bit of milk MACCHIATOS
Like some salmon and turkey SMOKED
Airplane ticket info GATE
Las Vegas resort with a musical name ARIA
Like thrift shop wares USED
"Pain and Glory" director Almodóvar PEDRO
Kraft product VELVEETA
Soothing succulent ALOE
Not up to expectations POOR
Word after business or bitter END
Frodo's first cousin (mother's side) and second cousin (father's side) BILBO
De-tailed detail? SPEC
Runner-up's rueful report ILOST
Road trip plan ROUTE
Dial or Tone SOAP
Nobel Prize winner of 1903 and 1911 CURIE
Modern health risks, for short ECIGS
Their population in New Zealand peaked at 70 million in 1982 SHEEP
Jane Fonda sci-fi role BARBARELLA
Animal that's known to enjoy water slides OTTER
Asked, as a question POSED
Stratagem PLOY
How presidents swear when taking the oath of office SOLEMNLY
Door fastener LATCH
See 59-Down NASX
Clean, as with a paper towel WIPEUP
Drinks down heartily CHUGS
Opera that's 2-Down backward AIDA
Church cross ROOD
Overly fussy, informally ANAL
"I'm just like that," in modern lingo ITME
Slender plant REED
Misses the mark ERRS
Cocktail garnish RIND
Oolong and Darjeeling TEAS
With 43-Down, rapper with the 2021 #1 hit "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)" LIL
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