New York Times Crossword Answers June 09, 2024

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Author: Zachary Schiff
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Sacks BAGS
San Diego winter hrs. PST
Lead-in to bad news ALAS
"Bennie and the Jets," vis-à-vis "Candle in the Wind" BSIDE
Bar order that's dairy-free, despite its name CREAMALE
Hockey fake-out DEKE
On deck UPNEXT
Sweet loaf with a swirl CINNAMONBREAD
"Get real!" DREAMON
Like some dive bars and granola bars SEEDY
Tried to get on one's side WOOED
Q5 maker AUDI
Pro ___ RATA
Triple-platinum song from Taylor Swift's debut album TEARDROPSONMYGUITAR
Electrical network GRID
Western Hemisphere grp. since 1948 OAS
Global bank headquartered in London HSBC
Hockey Hall-of-Famer Cam NEELY
Block letters? ABC
Work diligently at PLY
Ice cream brand with brown-and-white striped lids EDYS
Bear who loves a "pic-a-nic" YOGI
Colt, for one PISTOL
Potato battery or model volcano, e.g. SCIENCEPROJECT
See 23-Down HOO
Lines connected to pumps? AORTAS
Win over ENAMOR
Extra source of income, slangily SIDEHUSTLE
___ chips PITA
Close call SCARE
Christmas poem opener TWAS
Big container TUB
Pros with IVs RNS
Bauhaus artist Paul KLEE
Prepare to massage, perhaps OILUP
Part of a Viking funeral PYRE
Side dish at a summer cookout FRUITSALAD
Yoga positions ASANAS
___ Gershovitz, birth name of Ira Gershwin ISRAEL
Wee, informally LIL
Classic game show intro THISISJEOPARDY
Remove a plug from UNSTOP
Ancient region once conquered by Julius Caesar GAUL
Gobsmacks AWES
Old dating inits. BCE
Ending with concert INA
Accelerated H.S. science class APBIO
Priory of ___, guardians of a monumental secret in "The Da Vinci Code" SION
Fashion designer Anna SUI
"I feel that!" AMEN
Pay a backhanded compliment, perhaps DAMNWITHFAINTPRAISE
Members of a famous boxing family ALIS
Updo hairstyle POUF
Flat's problem NOAIR
Cookie brand named for its signature ingredient NILLA
Upgrade for a growing family MINIVAN
Popular charity event … or a hint to this puzzle's circled letters SILENTAUCTION
Error message on a Blu-Ray player, maybe NODISC
List-ending abbr. ETAL
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Gives a ride to the body shop TOWS
Looney Tunes devil, for short TAZ
Puts in stitches SEWS


List that only the sender sees BCCS
Soul singer India.___ ARIE
Field with a pool? GENETICS
Like a proper shuffleboard table SANDED
Grier of "Foxy Brown" PAM
Sleepy time at work SLOWDAY
Barbershop fixtures? TENORS
One selling space, informally ADREP
Top city in England, by the sound of it? LEEDS
T'Challa ___ Black Panther AKA
Accords, e.g. SEDANS
Genre for "Turner & Hooch" and "21 Jump Street" BUDDYCOP
Bit of rosemary SPRIG
Chemical suffix INE
Baby doll DEARIE
Former friend EXMATE
Early pyramid builders MAYA
All-encompassing TOTAL
With 55-Across, "Oh, cry me a river!" BOO
Hardly NARY
"Yeah … I'm gonna go now" UMBYE
Introduce ROLLOUT
"Hot damn!" OHSNAP
Couplings UNIONS
Intervening period GAP
One of four for a grand slam RBI
Bear who loves honey POOH
Green sci. ECOL
Dreadful DIRE
"Better ___ …" YET
Test for college srs. GRE
Fitting N.B.A. team to go on a hot streak? THESUNS
Waited SATBY
TV franchise since 2000 CSI
Wild dogs JACKALS
"Gotta catch ___!" (Pokémon phrase) EMALL
Chick of jazz COREA
Trapped up in the branches TREED
Short-tailed weasel STOAT
"That would be nice" IWISH
Start of an Eastern religious title DALAI
"Yo!" SUP
Without a doubt TRULY
"Wheel of Fortune" buy ANI
Caribbean nation whose capital is Castries STLUCIA
Chinese gambling game with dominoes PAIGOW
Carnival city RIO
Neighbor of Francia ESPANA
Cab charge FARE
Cabs, e.g. REDS
Opposite side divided by the hypotenuse SINE
Agcy. for retirees SSA
"Tartare" RAW
Never, ever again JUSTONCE
Yale of Yale University ELIHU
History book graphic TIMELINE
Fee, in dollars, to run the inaugural N.Y.C. marathon in 1970 ONE
Give a bad review PAN
Mozzarella with a creamy core BURRATA
Leading man? ADAM
Whom Biden debated in 2008 PALIN
Bach's "Mass in ___" BMINOR
Like the first post position in horse racing INSIDE
Counterbalance OFFSET
Show utter contempt for SPITAT
Presently ASITIS
"Skip me" IPASS
Arnold Schwarzenegger, to Chris Pratt INLAW
Christmas carols NOELS
Bronzed TAN
Early pyramid builders INCA
MGM co-founder Marcus LOEW
"No ifs, ___ or buts" ANDS
Go toe-to-toe VIE
Judge Lance of the O.J. Simpson trial ITO
Potato chip brand UTZ
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