New York Times Crossword Answers June 11, 2021

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Author: Matthew Stock
Editor: Will Shortz


"I literally ___" (millennial's overstatement) DIED
First country to discover water on the moon INDIA
Criticize forcefully SLAM
Nirvana, e.g. INNERPEACE
Part of the eye CONE
Computer file arrangement DATAFORMAT
Sharp ACID
Manhattan, for one DRINK
Former major-league slugger Adam nicknamed "Big Donkey" DUNN
Best Actor winner Malek RAMI
"I'd love to!" LETS
[Is this thing on?] TAPTAP
Moving option VAN
Celebratory shout YAY
Cause of a 2014 scare EBOLA
"Rabbits" in a race PACESETTERS
Sobriquet for international hip-hop star Pitbull MRWORLDWIDE
Scorsese film added to the National Film Registry in 1997 MEANSTREETS
"I want it!" GIMME
"Minari" director ___ Isaac Chung LEE
It doesn't last long FAD
Bit of royal regalia ORB
Olympic figure skating commentator Johnny WEIR
Spencer of "Good Morning America" LARA
Goddess whose Roman counterpart is Victoria NIKE
This and this THESE
Big Apple IMAC
They may have lots of steps STAIRWELLS
Windmill part VANE
News headlines TOPSTORIES
"I like texts from my ___ when they want a second chance" (Cardi B line) EXES
Absinthe flavoring ANISE
Site for crafty sorts? ETSY


Start to squat? DIDDLY
Covered, as by insurance INAREA
___ list DEANS
Investment opportunity, for short IPO
Jokey response to an overly technical explanation NERDALERT
Prevent from running DAMUP
"Sorry, unavailable" ICANT
Hartford-based health care company AETNA
Leave damaged SCAR
Many a farmer's market attendee LOCAVORE
Members of a certain kingdom ANIMALS
___ Spirit, winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby MEDINA
D.C.'s ___ Stadium, opened in 1961 RFK
Dish that can be prepared al pastor TACOS
Put in hock PAWNED
They might be twins BEDS
Tot toter, in Tottenham PRAM
Canon offering, in brief SLR
"Blossom of snow," in song EDELWEISS
One studying for a bar or bat mitzvah, say TWEEN
Cell boundary MEMBRANE
Studio with "Chicago" and "Chocolat" MIRAMAX
Start a stream, say GOLIVE
Get into a rhythm, informally FEELIT
Long divisions? AISLES
Not casual DRESSY
Pic that may have millions of likes INSTA
Keep under wraps SITON
"African unicorn" OKAPI
Question in a shell game WHERE
Las Vegas W.N.B.A. team ACES
"Arguing with a fool proves there are ___": Doris M. Smith TWO
U.S. 1, for one: Abbr. RTE
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