New York Times Crossword Answers June 28, 2020

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Author: Jon Schneider and Anderson Wang
Editor: Will Shortz


Not fine COARSE
Expedition HASTE
Savory jelly ASPIC
Tacks on APPENDS
Mollycoddle COSSET
Sight on an English farm PLOUGH
Slacker role for Jeff Bridges in "The Big Lebowski" THEDUDE
Super-enthusiastic RAHRAH
Spelman College graduate, e.g. ALUMNA
"___ is an emotion in motion": Mae West SEX
See 30-Across GALLERY
Morning weather phenomenon MIST
See 33-Across SPOT
With 25-Across, get as much approval from an audience as possible PLAY
Dalmatians, e.g. SLAVS
With 29-Across, like a deer in headlights ROOTED
N.Y.C.'s first subway line IRT
Singer Mann AIMEE
Michelangelo masterpiece PIETA
Sunset Boulevard sight PALMTREE
Utah mountain range WASATCH
What people tend to do when a rush-hour subway train arrives CROWDIN
See 50-Across CHOIR
See 53-Across CHASE
With 47-Across, not change anyone's mind, say PREACH
Forest of Fangorn resident, in fiction ENT
With 48-Across, stops wasting time CUTS
Eternally damned INHELL
Promptness ALACRITY
Default consequence REPO
Have an influence (on) RUBOFF
Iraqi port city BASRA
Mathematical concepts suggested eight times in this puzzle EXPONENTS
"I'm telling the truth!" NOLIE
One of the Seven Dwarfs SNEEZY
Yeats's "The Lake ___ of Innisfree" ISLE
Bad place for a fly, in a saying OINTMENT
Showy shrub AZALEA
Arch supporter INSOLE
See 90-Across BONE
Flat-topped cap TAM
See 92-Across WOLVES
With 85-Across, uncomfortably accurate CLOSE
With 88-Across, sacrificed THREW
Place that processes ore SMELTER
Eponym of the world's largest church STPETER
Some team-bonding trips RETREATS
State whose capital is Dispur ASSAM
Drum that can be played with a brush SNARE
Hypotheticals IFS
See 113-Across BOTTOM
Cleans, as a deck SWABS
See 116-Across CLUB
With 107-Across, bad sort of competition RACE
"Freak on a Leash" metal band KORN
With 112-Across, "Your misfortune is nothing special" WELCOME
Jocular lead-in to "macation" EDU
List ender ETALIA
Abstract artist de Kooning known for her portraits ELAINE
Obsessive cleaner, say NEATNIK
Important faculty for school MEMORY
Brought home EARNED
Lively French dance popular in the Baroque era GAVOTTE
Big name in nail polish ESSIE
Rug rats TYKES
Brand whose sales skyrocketed after the release of "E.T." REESES


Person who's being used CATSPAW
Sister of Laertes OPHELIA
They're scored from 1 to 5 APEXAMS
What's found at one end of a rainbow RED
Comfy-cozy SNUG
Sources of Norse mythology EDDAS
More throaty HOARSER
Ukr., e.g., once SSR
Spanish "I love you" TEAMO
Kind of cuisine that's often eaten with one's hands ETHIOPIAN
Tied, in scores ALL
___ vide (culinary technique) SOUS
Do some heavy lifting PUMPIRON
"Don't pay attention to that" IGNOREIT
Idle gossip CHATTER
Convince SELL
Actor Dev of "Lion" PATEL
Lick (up) LAP
Stop the flow of STANCH
House call? YEA
Playful growl RAWR
Run-___ (hip-hop trio) DMC
Alternative to an ellipsis ETC
Some clickbait articles TOPTENLISTS
Potentially risky thing to drop in a relationship THELBOMB
___ Woo-shik, co-star of 2019's "Parasite" CHOI
___ cuisine HAUTE
Sanders who played in a World Series and two Super Bowls DEION
Charon's domain STYX
Lead-in to self HER
They might be caught in the rain CABS
___ Bator ULAN
Stun, in a way TASE
Hard-hit line drive SCREAMER
One variety of love EROS
Broadway's ___-Fontanne Theater LUNT
Heckle RAZZ
Part of a hammer PEEN
Butter alternative OLEO
"There warn't no home like a raft …" speaker FINN
Lavish celebration FETE
Hard Italian cheese PIAVE
Level, for one TOOL
Isolated components SILOS
Deviation in flight YAW
Exterminator's target NEST
Was bested by LOSTTO
Title horror film locale ELMSTREET
Wrote poorly SCRAWLED
They have your life hanging by a thread THEFATES
They might involve impersonating a dealer ARTSCAMS
Kingdom east of Babylonia ELAM
Mini-albums, in brief EPS
Ship with three banks of oars TRIREME
Fly catcher WEB
Dead Sea Scrolls sect ESSENES
Envelope abbr. ENC
Juggling, singing, magic, etc. TALENTS
Scholarly ERUDITE
Tells off REBUKES
Just peachy AOKAY
___ Pro MAC
Dental covering similar to a crown ONLAY
Water pipe BONG
Dishonest attack SMEAR
Foe of the Morlocks, in sci-fi ELOI
Major export of Tuscany WINE
Place to hang holiday lights EAVE
Something drawn by a jerk, maybe IRE
Sanctuary ARK
What a digitigrade stands on TOE
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